Together with the Krokar primeval forest, which is inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List, the Kočevje Region makes for a truly mystical forest landscape. Europe's most self-sustaining forest habitat is known as bear country. The hiking and cycling infrastructure is set up to work seamlessly with this extraordinary natural environment.

If you’re looking for a green, outdoorsy, and stunning destination in Europe,
the Kočevje region in Slovenia should be on your list. I highly recommend it!

Maria Hasse,

TOP 5 sights

Wherever you go in Slovenia, you will be amazed at all of the country's natural and cultural treasures. Want to find out about the must-see places in the Kočevje Region?

TOP 5 experiences

Listen to the rustling of the forests and meet some of the native wildlife. Various forest-related and other activities are a great way of relaxing in the great outdoors. 

Experiencing the Primeval Forest

Take a walk through the woodlands of Kočevski Rog and experience the tranquillity and magic of nature. Get up close and personal with the Queen of Rog and follow the bear paw symbols along the perimeter of the virgin forest. A local guide can help you discover and fully appreciate the mystery and beauty of the forest. After you finish your hike, enjoy a lovely picnic with an assortment of local delicacies.


Cycling on the Forest Trails

Cycling on the Forest Trails

Explore the mystical forests of the Kočevje Region by bike. Discover amazing sights, natural and cultural landmarks and quaint villages from lovely trails of varying levels of difficulty – ranging from family-friendly bicycle paths to adrenaline pumping cross-country rides. If you’re more inclined toward the adrenaline, head over to the MTB Trail Center for a safe mountain bike ride. 


Borovška pešpot Hiking Trail with a View of the Krokar Primeval Forest

Borovška pešpot Hiking Trail with a View of the Krokar Primeval Forest

The area around Kočevje abounds with hiking opportunities. Soak up the sights amongst the majestic trees of the Krokar Primeval Forest, which is skirted by the Borovška pešpot trail. The trail is suitable for family outings in the great outdoors, and marked with the daffodil symbol. Your best bet is to hike the trail in May, when hosts of daffodils flutter and dance beneath the trees. You may also choose to descend down to the Kolpa river canyon.


Experiencing the Kolpa River

Experiencing the Kolpa River

The southern part of the Kočevje Region features a special gem – the beautiful Kolpa river. In the heat of the summer the Kolpa is perfect for a quick cooling off, for recreation or relaxation. It’s great for swimming, canoeing, rafting or kayaking – the possibilities are almost endless.


Hunting Bears and Other Wildlife with a Camera

Hunting Bears and Other Wildlife with a Camera

Would you like to go on a photo safari in the great outdoors? Set out into the wilderness and capture your photo of a lifetime. All it takes is some skill and a little luck. Take up your position in any of the observation stands to capture amazing wildlife shots. Perhaps you will be lucky enough to snap the king of these forests – the brown bear.

Secrets of the Škrilj Bunker

Explore the breathtaking underworld and engineering expertise of previous generations hidden in the underbelly of the forested hills of Kočevje. Listen to the tales echoing through these passages, which have long stirred the imagination of locals and visitors alike. A guide will take you through the facility, which comprises 500 m of hallways and 6 subterranean chambers with an independent water reservoir and two generators that ensure stable power supply.


Strolling Through Town

Strolling Through Town

Revisit the history of the town of Kočevje. The town features a theme trail that incorporates 23 buildings and 2 bridges, and presents the milestones of the town's history. A special app will show you a 3D reconstruction of the former castle.  Explore the town on your own or hire a local guide.


Tracking Bears

Tracking Bears

Did you know that the woodlands of Kočevje are said to be home to the largest brown bear population in the country? Hire a guide, gear up and go track some bear. Follow the bear paw symbol along the Roška pot trail, which stretches 64 km through the mysterious domain of the brown bear, and retrace the fascinating remnants of the area’s history.


Experience the First No-Tech Games Agritourism Farm

Relax and bond with the people you hold dear in the old-fashioned way.  Revisit the classic outdoor games of your childhood, get your hands dirty making dough figures while watching a puppet play, learn archery and go "bear hunting" with your bow. Embark on an exciting quest with Luka and Ana, two curious kids, with a keen sense for the things that adults tend to miss.


Surviving the Great Outdoors

Surviving the Great Outdoors

Ready for your toughest outdoor adventure ever? Learn the basic skills of survival, like making a shelter, navigation and orientation, identifying plants, animals and materials, and making rudimentary gadgets. Dig down deep inside yourself and connect to your surroundings.


Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding

Relish the beauty of the area on horseback. Venture into the backcountry to explore the hidden corners and remnants of the region's past. The Ranch Marina (Koče pri Kočevski Reki) features one of the largest indoor riding arenas in the country, and organizes riding tours through the beautifully green surroundings. The ranch also organizes riding courses.


Green facts

Slovenia's green story is well in the making. Feel it wherever you go.

 Some 90% of the Kočevje Region is covered by woodlands, ranking it among the most wooded areas not only in Slovenia but in all of Europe.  Forest preservation efforts are underscored with green activities.

The largest beast in Slovenia, the brown bear, is the undisputed king of these forests and a protected species to boot.

The forests around Kočevje are one of the few places where one can see the big three (the bear, the lynx and the wolf) in their natural surroundings.

The forest honey from Kočevje was the first honey from Slovenia to be awarded the "Protected Designation of Origin".

Beehives (panjčki)

This dessert is made in the shape of the beehives from which it takes its name. The recipe and wooden mould for making hive-shaped sweets came to the area of Kočevje some time between WW1 and WW2. The specific mould was later destroyed, but was soon replaced with other versions of it. The members of the Country Women's Society of Kočevje use a mould with a bee design and recommend using the forest honey from Kočevje with a Protected Designation of Origin in the recipe.

Try our recipe

Go for a hike on the Roška pešpot trail

The Roška pešpot trail is great for multi-day hikes in the remote corners of Kočevski Rog. See for yourself.

Experience a pleasant getaway and have some rest

Would you like to stay a little longer and see and experience as much as possible? Then select suitable accommodation that is ideal for you in the nearby area.


Turistična kmetija Boltetni


Book your adventure in Ljubljana and Central Slovenia

Take a break in the heart of Slovenia! Surrender to the busy flow of the Slovenian capital and other towns – Celje, Žalec, Novo mesto, Kamnik, etc. Enjoy the beauties of green nature, from the high mountains to idyllic hills, all just a few steps away. Choose and book your holiday today!

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Must-see destinations nearby

Combine your timeout from the green forests with a soothing visit to the spa facilities at Dolenjske and Šmarješke toplice, both located some 40 km from Kočevje. Discover the natural wonders of the nearby karst landscape. Visit the Postojna Cave and Predjama Castle, the mystical Cerknica Lake, the magnificent Lipizzaner horses or the Škocjan Caves, which are also listed UNESCO sites. To get back to the urban hustle and bustle Ljubljana is only a 50 km-drive away. Follow the Kolpa river to the Bela krajina region and taste the local wines and culinary highlights of the region.

Kočevje in detail

For more information please visit the Kočevje Region website.



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