Find a way to well-being in spas. Discover the secrets of ancient castles. Make a toast with a glass of local wine varieties and spend a night in pleasant accommodation in nature.

Healthy waters.

In addition to thermal and mineral water, this is also home to famous mineral waters Donat Mg and Radenska. Treatment, prevention and medical wellness programmes in health resorts include, in addition to healing waters, the benefits of the climate, peat, healing mud and other natural factors.


Relaxation in thermal water.

This part of Slovenia is home to 13 Slovenian natural health resorts and many spas. Wellness and selfness programmes, swimming and entertainment in swimming pools with water attractions ensure an excellent break.


Castles and convents.

In addition to historic towns of Ptuj, Celje, Novo mesto, Kostanjevica na Krki, Žužemberk and Metlika, Ptuj and Celje castles and a set of castles in the Posavje region, various convents and monasteries, such as Olimje, related to the traditions of herbalism, cheese making, chocolate making etc. are also worth visiting.


Local delicacies.

The cuisine is based on local ingredients and recipes that date back hundreds of years. The best addition to dishes are top local wines from the Podravje and Posavje wine-growing regions, Slovenian special wine Cviček and beer made from Slovenian hops.


Accommodation among nature.

A hotel in a spa or a town, a tourist farm, an apartment, camping or glamping – you are in touch with nature anywhere you choose. This is demonstrated by environmental certificates for high-quality accommodation.  


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