Relevant Regulations

Among the road traffic regulations, it is worth mentioning the mandatory use of dipped headlights also when driving during the day, while the highest permissible level of alcohol in the body of the driver is 0.5 per mille. Since there are frequent tests of drivers' alcohol intoxication, it is better that you do not drink anything at all.

Petrol stations and pumps on motorways are situated approximately every 30 kilometres and open 24 hours a day. There are also many petrol stations in cities and towns.

In case of a breakdown on the road, there is the AMZS (Automobile and Motorcycle Association of Slovenia) to come to your help. Call 1987.

You can rent a car at the specialised agencies in cities and airports. The fleet includes vehicles of various categories. To rent a car, you must be at least 21 years old and have a driving license for at least two years. Some rental agencies require the payment of a young driver fee for drivers from 21 to 25 years of age.


Vignette Purchase

The vignette can be purchased at all petrol stations in Slovenia and neighbouring countries as well as at the branches of the national and foreign automobile clubs, post offices in Slovenia and some newsagents' shops. For more information, see the available list of sales points.


Do not risk driving on motorways without this sticker, since the foreseen penalties are severe.

For driving on the motorway without a valid sticker (a vignette) or without paying the toll, a fine in the amount of EUR 300 to 800 is foreseen.

Vignettes 2016

Motorcycles, passenger cars and vans, whose maximum permissible weight does not exceed 3.5 tonnes, must be equipped with a vignette in order to drive on all Slovenian motorways and those expressways that are managed and maintained by the toll road operator.

For additional information, check the website of DARS (email:

Toll class 1 Price with VAT
Yearly vignette 55,00 EUR
Half-year vignette 30,00 EUR
Weekly vignette 7,50 EUR
Toll class 2a Price with VAT
Yearly vignette 110,00 EUR
Monthly vignette 30,00 EUR
Weekly vignette 15,00 EUR
Toll class 2b Price with VAT
Yearly vignette 220,00 EUR
Monthly vignette 60,00 EUR
Weekly vignette 30,00 EUR

Validity of Vignettes

Yearly vignette for the current year is valid from 1 December of the previous year to 31 January of the next year (total of 14 months).

Half-year vignette is valid for six months following the day of its purchase, or, if there is no such day in the sixth month, until the end of the last day of the sixth month.

Monthly vignette is valid from the date of purchase until the end of the day with the same number one month after purchase, or, if there is no such day in the following month, until the end of the last day of the month.

Weekly vignette is valid for seven consecutive days from the date specified by the user upon purchase.


For driving from the direction of Austria up to the Hrušica junction towards the interior of Slovenia as well as in the reverse direction, the use of vignette is not required. The toll paid for the Karavanke tunnel is valid between the first motorway junctions on either side of the national border (the Hrušica junction in Slovenia and the Podrožca/Rosenbach junction in Austria).

Buses, motor homes, trucks, etc.

For vehicles with maximum permissible mass exceeding 3.5 tonnes, there are several ways of paying the toll: 

  • Pay per use: Every time you pass a toll station by paying with payment cards or cash. 
  • Pre-payment and post-payment: It is intended for users of electronic media – DARS card, DARS Transporter card and ABC tags.


Additional information

Check out in which cases you are entitled to a replacement vignette or reimbursement of the cost of the purchase. Further information can be found on the website of DARS.

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