Important regulations

If you choose to come to Slovenia by car, here are some useful tips on road use in Slovenia and what items you will need.

The following speed limits apply on Slovenian roads:

  • built-up/residential area 50 km/h
  • regional roads 90 km/h
  • express roads 110 km/h
  • motorways 130 km/h


Among the traffic regulations you should note the obligatory use of dipped (low-beam) headlights even during daytime driving. Use of fog lights is permitted only where visibility is reduced to less than 50 metres. The driver and all passengers in the vehicle must wear seat belts. You must carry in your car the obligatory equipment, which includes a safety triangle, a spare set of lights, a first aid kit and a reflective vest. From 15 November to 15 March your vehicle must have winter equipment – winter tyres with a profile of at least 3 mm or summer tyres and snow chains in the boot (trunk). The maximum permitted blood alcohol level for drivers is 0.5 parts per thousand. Since alcohol breath tests for drivers are very common, it is better to not drink anything.

Service stations

Service stations with petrol pumps are located about every 30 km along motorways and they operate 24 hours a day. There are also plenty of petrol stations in cities and smaller towns. All petrol stations offer unleaded petrol, diesel and at certain stations LPG. Prices of unleaded 95-octane petrol and diesel are regulated everywhere, except on motorways, by the government and are adjusted every 14 days, while other prices are set by the individual businesses.

Roadside assistance

Avto moto zveza Slovenije – AMZS provides 24-hour assistance and towing. If you break down, call 1987.

2018 vignettes

Motor cycles, private cars and vans whose maximum permitted weight does not exceed 3.5 tons must display a vignette to use all Slovenian motorways and those express roads managed and maintained by the toll road operator.

More information on the DARS website (email: 

Purchase of vignettes

You can purchase vignettes at all petrol stations in Slovenia and in neighbouring countries as well as at branches of national and foreign automobile clubs, at post offices in Slovenia and at some kiosks. For more information there is a list of sales points


Toll class 1 Price with VAT
Yearly vignette 55,00 EUR
Half-year vignette 30,00 EUR
Weekly vignette 7,50 EUR
Toll class 2a Price with VAT
Yearly vignette 110,00 EUR
Monthly vignette 30,00 EUR
Weekly vignette 15,00 EUR
Toll class 2b Price with VAT
Yearly vignette 220,00 EUR
Monthly vignette 60,00 EUR
Weekly vignette 30,00 EUR

Validity of vignettes

An annual vignette for the current year is valid from 1 December of the previous year to 31 January of the coming year (total of 14 months). 

half-yearly vignette is valid for six months from the day of purchase, or if the sixth month has no such day, to the end of the last day of the sixth month. 

monthly vignette is valid from the moment of purchase to the end of the day having the same number one month after the day of purchase, or if the following month has no such day, to the end of the last day of the month. 

weekly vignette is valid for seven consecutive days from and including the day specified by the user on purchasing the vignette.


Do not risk driving on the motorways without the vignette sticker, since the penalties are severe. The penalty for driving on a motorway without a valid vignette or without paying the toll is a fine of EUR 300 to 800


For journeys on the motorway from Austria to the Hrušica exit towards the interior of Slovenia and vice versa, vignettes are not required. The toll paid for the Karavanke Tunnel is valid for travel between the first motorway exits on both sides of the national border (in Slovenia the Hrušica exit, in Austria the Podrožca/Rosenbach exit). 

Further information

Check on which cases you are eligible for a replacement vignette or a refund. More information on the DARS website 

Buses, motor homes, lorries

For vehicles whose maximum permitted weight exceeds 3.5 tons there are various ways to pay road tolls. 

  • Pay as you go: Each time you pass a road toll station you can pay by charge card or cash.
  • Prepayment and deferred payment: Intended for those using electronic media - DARS card, DARS Transporter card and ABC device.

DarsGo – a new toll system for lorries and coaches

As of 1 April 2018, a new method for toll payment based on the new DarsGo electronic toll system in free traffic flow will enter into force for all vehicles exceeding 3.5 tonnes in weight (lorries and coaches).

The Slovenian motorway network will only be able to be used by those heavy vehicles that are registered in the system and that carry the DarsGo device, which will not be transferable between vehicles. In the DarsGo system, toll charging will be fully automated and based on the distance travelled. 

Visit website

Vehicle rental

You can rent a car at specialised agencies in towns and at airports. Fleets comprise vehicles of various categories. To rent a car you need to be at least 21 years old and have held a driving licence for at least two years. Some car rental agencies require a young driver surcharge payment for drivers aged between 21 and 25.

Travelling with a motor home

Travelling with a motor home is becoming increasingly popular, including in Slovenia. You will need to have the right category of licence, and while travelling all passengers need to be in seats with seat belts fastened. Overnight stays are permitted at motor home rest areas and campsites.

Your caravaning destination - Slovenia

Your caravaning destination - Slovenia

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