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Slovenia boasts wonderful images of nature and a diverse landscape that changes its character throughout the country. Due to their environment and biodiversity, certain corners of this green land are so precious that they are under special protection. And these are quite numerous in Slovenia. Venture on an unforgettable getaway into the embrace of pristine nature. Numerous parks are home to a plethora of diverse plant and tree species in all seasons. Each park is unique due to the environment in which it is located. Explore them and they will reward you with their mysterious beauty.

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Protected natural areas in numbers

Check out some interesting facts about the protected areas in Slovenia.

Protected areas
more than 1/3 of the Slovenian territory
more than 22,000 plant and animal species
National park
Triglav National Park
Regional parks
Landscape parks
UNESCO's Global Geoparks
Nature reserves
Natural monuments

Venture into nature with respect and responsibility

Nature is an incredible artist that inspires with its images and the diversity of life. To preserve its masterpieces for future generations, it is necessary to respect its laws and behave respectfully and responsibly when spending time outdoors. Read the instructions and restrictions that apply when visiting protected areas and nature in general.


naravni parki_triglavski narodni park

Triglav National Park

Enjoy the treasury of nature in Slovenia’s only, yet undeniably incredible, national park. It was named after Mt. Triglav, the tallest Slovenian peak (2,864 m). Embraced by an idyllic Alpine landscape, visit glacial valleys, inviting villages, verdant forests, Alpine flowers, and mountain pastures.


Take a trip to landscape parks

Slovenia has a total of 47 landscape parks and each one of them tells the stories of co-existence between people and nature. Perhaps you will opt for a park that is part of the Community of Nature Parks of Slovenia.

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UNESCO geoparks: nature’s treasures on a global scale

A section of Slovenia is situated at the junction of the Eurasian and African tectonic plates. Impressive rocks and geological phenomena can be found at such junctions as they are the result of lively geological activities. Unique plant and animal species are characteristic of this area. The development of settlements and people’s activities are also closely linked with geological processes and mineral resources. Slovenia has two parks that are part of the community of UNESCO Global Geoparks. Get to know them.

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