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Slovenians are in love with their green and geographically dynamic land, so they make efforts to conserve biologically rich and picturesque corners of nature. This is also proved by 48 major protected natural areas and nature parks, 52 natural reserves, and more than 1200 natural monuments. You can also fall in love with our green country. Enter a world in which time stops and you can take a moment for yourselves to enjoy genuine natural beauties.


Notranjska Regional Park

Lovers of varied views will surely spend at least one day here or, better yet, a week-long holiday. Take a walk along the shore of the intermittent Lake Cerknica or learn about age-old customs during a panoramic horse-drawn carriage ride. Wonder at the underground world and hike up to nearby hills. Breathe in and enjoy!

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Polhov Gradec Dolomites Nature Park

The picturesque Polhov Gradec Hills invites those who seek beauty. Walk across green peaks adorned with lovely little churches, visit small settlements with solitary farms and large meadows where you can reach out and touch the medicinal plants and protected plants.

The Kozjansko Regional Park

Lovers of plant and animal species can find paradise here. The landscape is covered with blooming meadows, orchards, vineyards and streams. Explore archaeological sites, pilgrimage churches, mighty castles, medieval squares, and allow your imagination to run wild. Treat yourself to a ripe Kozjansko apple, as you are among the most important orchards, filled with venerable apple trees.

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Tivoli Park

If you find yourself in the middle of the city and want an active break, this is just the place for jogging, tennis, swimming, or a walk. Tivoli Park is the green heart of Ljubljana. In addition to old trees and colourful flower beds, it is adorned by various statues and fountains. Walk through the Jakopič Promenade in the central part of the park and see the outdoor photography exhibition that is currently on display.

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Volčji Potok Arboretum

Feel the harmony of natural energies. The natural environment is connected to a carefully designed cultural landscape. The Arboretum is one of the most important pieces of garden architecture heritage in Slovenia. The abundance of various plant and tree species invites you to relax. Take a stroll, and you will surely learn something new about nature and about yourself.

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Botanical Garden

In the middle of Ljubljana, tradition and botanical knowledge have been intertwined since 1810. See the plants that are endangered in the wild or have even become extinct in Slovenia. Lovers of special plants can visit the tropical greenhouse or purchase select seeds. The Botanical Garden also boasts its own seed bank.

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Mozirski gaj

While walking through the herbal and the Japanese gardens and the rock garden, you will be able to see various indigenous fish species that live there. Mozirski Gaj is also known as the flower park, as it is noted for its millions of different flowers that make such a magical display within this charming green space. Don’t miss the blooming tulips in the spring.

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Breathe in the freshness of nature parks

Everyone looks for pleasant refreshment on hot summer days. Find it in the unspoilt nature of green Slovenia. An abundance of protected areas, which account for no less than 13% of Slovenia, await you! One national park, three regional parks, 34 landscape parks, 66 nature reserves, and more than 1200 natural monuments are just some of the reasons for you to come and find peace and relaxation as you admire authentic natural beauty. 24,000 animal species live here, and some of them are very rare or even endangered. You can also learn about the wealth of Slovenian protected areas actively – on foot, by bicycle, in a kayak, on horseback, etc. Are you ready for experiences in Slovenian nature parks?


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