Historical cities

Many Slovenian towns and cities boast rich, age-old histories and unique cultural heritage. Visit the charming historic towns scattered across Slovenia, reflecting the way our ancestors lived through history. Behind the medieval city walls that have managed to remain to this day you’ll discover what craftsmen were up to in the Middle Ages. In many towns people still maintain the legacy of their master craftsmen, they play music from times long past, and prepare traditional dishes passed down by their elders. On your tour of the cities and surroundings make sure you stop at a local inn, sample some traditional homemade food, and wash it all down with a fine drink.

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Experience culture and nature

Numerous Slovenian towns provide surprising contemporary culture. In them, cosmopolitan festivals and performances meet traditional events. No matter where you are, you will be able to find landscape parks, mighty forests, areas with endemic plants, and age-old vineyards. The connection with the surrounding area enables visitors to experience the pulse of the city and nature at the same time.

Wherever and whenever

Slovenia’s advantage is that everything is so easily accessible. No matter what town you are in, it only takes you a few minutes of walking to reach the green surroundings, and other towns are only a short drive away. In Slovenia, you’ll only need a few days to experience more towns and cities than you will anywhere else. Go on a themed journey of discovery or a tour of Slovenia! Simply because it's beautiful!

Taste local food

In Slovenia, no matter if you are in towns or in their surroundings, traditional culinary delights with naturally produced ingredients await you. Extravagant culinary, craft, or other traditions are revived by local holidays and fairs in many towns around Slovenia.

Green Slovenia

Slovenians are proud of their green Slovenia. Numerous places, providers, parks, and agencies are making efforts to preserve this green environment for our descendants as well. In all parts of this green country, you can encounter hidden gems, places with incredible, boutique experiences committed to sustainable development and an authentic contact with the local environment. 

Eight destinations of excellence in Slovenia

Green nature, rich cultural heritage, unique flavours = the European Destinations of Excellence

Eight destinations of excellence in Slovenia


Green story of Slovenia

Plan your holidays in green.

Green story of Slovenia


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