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The view of the magnificent blueness of the Slovenian sea will make your heart sing. Explore the underground treasures of the Slovenian Karst and surrender yourself to daydreaming in the wonderful surroundings of the Vipava Valley and Goriška Brda. Choose and book your holiday today!

From 100,00 € Summertime pampering

Summertime pampering

Active holidays
Persons: 2 Nights: 6

A pleasant getaway for everyone who wants to spend a holiday in nature. Children can play on the pla

Zavod za šport Ajdovščina Ajdovščina
From 96,00 € Family weekend in an underground land of dragons

Family weekend in an underground land of dragons

Family fun
Persons: 1 Nights: 1

Why not enjoy a relaxing holiday in an underground land of dragons and experience the tranquil silen

Hotel Jama Postojna
From 92,50 € Culinary pampering for couples

Culinary pampering for couples

Persons: 2 Nights: 2

A romantic dinner for two and pampering in a sauna is the recipe for romance for couples. Your culin

Bernardin Grand Hotel Portorož
From 95,00 € A thousand and one dreams

A thousand and one dreams

Health and well-being
Persons: 1 Nights: 1

Special offer

Hotel Perla Nova Gorica
From 71,90 € Postojna Cave and Jama**** Hotel

Postojna Cave and Jama**** Hotel

Active holidays
Persons: 1 Nights: 1

By selecting this package, you won’t just enjoy one cave (in Slovenian: jama), but two! You can take

Hotel Jama Postojna
From 115,00 € A historical bike ride

A historical bike ride

Active holidays
Persons: 1 Nights: 1

Due to its location and dynamic terrain, the Goriška region is an attractive location for biking exp

Sabotin Hotel Solkan
From 2.750,00 € Culinary holidays in Slovenia

Culinary holidays in Slovenia

Persons: 1 Nights: 7

Unique holidays marked by cooking and wine tasting, and discovering tastes and local traditions in d

Cook Eat Slovenia Kojsko
From 196,00 € Healthy relaxation

Healthy relaxation

Health and well-being
Persons: 2 Nights: 2

Take a break from your crazy everyday pace of life. Treat yourself to a relaxing, healthy, and fun g

Carnevale Wellness & Spa Hotel Spodnje Škofije

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