The gems of the Istrian countryside

The Slovenian coast is inviting due to its charming coastal towns and unforgettable experiences in the sea and on the coast. But if you move just slightly inland, the idyllic appearance of the continental areas of the coast will also take your breath away. The beautiful Istrian villages, which shelter numerous cultural treasures, selected goods produced in Istrian soil, and friendly locals will be deeply ingrained in your memories, especially at the end of August, when the harvest takes place in vineyards, and in the autumn, when the smoke tree comes alive with its red colour and when you can witness olive picking in olive groves.

The land of Refošk wine and the world below the Karst Edge

After exploring the cultural heritage of Koper, a European Destination of Excellence, continue by exploring its inland areas, which are also a treasure trove of special cultural features. Visit Hrastovlje and see the famous Danse Macabre fresco, learn about the typical Istrian village of Koštabona, which arouses interest due to its authentic urban planning design, visit the Land of Refošk in the vicinity of Marezige, and enjoy a fantastic view from Strmec Castle.


Discover the mysteries of the Piran countryside

Drive to the inland area of the picturesque town of Piran and see the special sights of the beautiful villages of Istria. If you wish to experience the authentic appearance of these villages, visit Padna, a village listed as a monument. In the village of Sv. Peter, make sure to visit the outdoor ethnological museum and Tona’s House, where you can tour a “torkla,” a traditional olive press. And Nova Vas is proud of its rare, yet well-preserved old water reservoir. Here, the Festival of Wine and Garlic is held every summer.

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From the fishing town of Izola to the green inland areas

Izola is famous for its fishing tradition, and its countryside is devoted to winegrowing and olivegrowing. Learn about the specialities of Izola's inland areas as you visit local restaurants and tourist farms. Stroll through the surrounding villages with stone houses and little churches on top of small hills, from where there is a beautiful view of the blue Adriatic Sea and the coast of the Gulf of Trieste.

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