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If you visit the Primorska wine region, you will often see an ivy branch. Before you ask about the significance of this branch, allow us to first invite you to osmice wine bar. Osmice are occasional wine bars with a tradition dating back more than 200 years, the location of which is still marked using ivy branches. During the reign of Empress Maria Theresa and Austrian Emperor Joseph II, wine-makers and farmers were allowed to sell their extra wine from the previous year for eight days in a wine bar under a branch. Later, these wine bars were named osmice (eights – signifying the eight days of selling wine) and ivy branches are still used to mark their locations. You will mostly find these events in the Vipava Valley, in the Karst region, and in Slovenian Istria. Some osmice wine bars open their doors twice a year.

Osmice wine bars in the Vipava Valley

The Vipava Valley is a region with unique wine. The highest number of indigenous wine varieties in Slovenia thrive here. In spring and autumn, you can taste them at traditional osmice wine bars, where you will not only be served a glass of wine, but also local delicacies, such as the Vipava cured ham (Vipavski pršut), other local meat products, a bowl of jota (sauerkraut, turnip, and potato soup), and other local dishes.

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Osmice wine bars in the Karst region

If you visit the osmice wine bars in the Karst, you will probably be offered the typical ruby-red Teran wine, and serve you slices of Karst cured ham (pršut), Karst pancetta, and other delicious meat products made with the help of the local burja wind. The osmice wine bars in the Karst are linked by a wine route, which is also ideal for hiking or cycling.

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Osmice wine bars in Slovenian Istria

If you visit Slovenian Istria between November and June, you can also follow fraske, ivy branches that will lead you to osmice wine bars. The inland areas of the Istrian peninsula is the domain of Refošk, but you can also find other wine varieties, e.g. Malvasia and Yellow Muscat. You will not only be served wine, but also home-made pršut cured ham and bread, ombolo pork tenderloin steak with cabbage, bobiči minestrone, gnocchi, vegetables, and home-made desserts.

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