200 years of welcoming visitors to Postojna cave

In April 1818, the cave lamplighter Luka Čeč discovered the most breath-taking parts of Postojna Cave and branded his discovery “a paradise”. And this is how the brilliant story of the Karst’s underground beauty who shares herwhich has been sharing its natural treasures with crowds of visitors for two hundred years began. To date it has welcomed more than 38 million visitors. The 200-year history of organised cave tourism at Postojna Cave has written many exceptional stories. And you can write your own with all the diverse experiences you can have in and around the cave.

A Cave of Adventures

Apart from limestone artworks created under the ground by the river River Pivka, there are also plenty of other adventures awaiting you at the Postojna Cave Park where there is something for families and something for daring adventurers as well.

Awaken the spirit of the explorer in you

Are you always looking for new adventures? Enter the mysterious world of caves at Postojna Cave and uncover the hidden corners of the underground world under the guidance of experienced cavers. Step into the shoes of Luka Čeč and explore the dark passages and less explored paths. Get your adrenaline pumping and experience the tougher passages, conquer the water obstacles and get acquainted with tunnels hidden away from the eyes of the crowds. Experience the untamed beauty of Pivka and Črna jama caves, the last underground stations of the River Pivka. In the past, the photogenic Otoška jama cave inspired many domestic and foreign film-makers. Come and discover its charms.

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Did you know…

that Postojna Cave was the first underground cave in the world to have a railway? Thatthat this underground beauty was illuminated by electric lamps before Ljubljana and even before London? Thatthat the only underground post office in the world operates in Postojna Cave and that real living dragons still call thethis cave their home? These are only some of the exceptional stories written by the 200-year history of the tourist development of Postojna Cave. Discover more stories that honour this exceptional queen of caves.

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Fun for the entire family

Take a trip into the world of dragons, knights and mysteries and discover the completely different world of the Postojna Cave Park. Take a unique train and have a cave adventure in the world of baby dragons and secret passages. Make a stop at Vivarium Proteus, where you can see some of the 150 animal species living in the cave. And once you get back to the surface new adventures with knights await you at nearby Predjama Castle. You just might meet Erazem of Predjama... Take a stroll to the almost 500-year-old Modrijan Homestead and listen to the interesting stories from the past told by the old mill.

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Travel through time and space

Were you left wondering how nature was able to create such amazing cave sculptures after you visited Postojna Cave? How did the word of Karst develop over thousands of years? How did life develop here? You can find answers to those and other questions at the awarded largest exhibition on Karst in the world – interactive exhibition EXPO Postojna Cave Karst. Along with the answers you will also find other interesting experiences which will help you better understand the greatness of Postojna Cave and Karst.


The Mysterious Karst

The Mysterious Karst

Don’t just visit the most famous Slovenian caves! If you visit the Karst, make sure to take this publication with its list of numerous other special features of this surprising landscape.

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