Discover the mysterious karst world

The karst world offers extraordinary phenomena that were created by nature with the help of karst watercourses. Would you like to know how the underground wonders in karst caves were created? The interactive EXPO Postojna Cave Karst exhibition offers an insight into the history of the creation of karst phenomena, primarily of the most famous tourist cave in the world, Postojna Cave. Through interactive and 3D presentations, the exhibition is interesting for visitors who encounter caves for the first time and experts alike. Due to its innovativeness, the exhibition was given the Sejalec award by the Slovenian Tourist Board. Enter this fun and informative story of the exploration of the karst world.

Travel back to the time of the creation of the karst world

The karst world is exceptional, not only due to its surface and underground formations, but also due to its biodiversity and sensitivity. Did you know that karstic aquifers supply no less than half of Slovenia with drinking water? The exhibition pays special attention to the karst underground and its greatest gem, Postojna Cave. The exhibition will help you understand how wonderful cave scenes were created through centuries.

Wonderful cave animal world

Postojna cave has played an important role in exploring the life in karst caves. The first cave animals in large numbers were discovered there, and the cave is still considered to hold the world record in the biodiversity of cave animals. Did you know that a dragon also lives in the cave? Well, not an actual one. According to folklore, this is the human fish, the most recognisable inhabitant of Postojna Cave. In addition to the human fish, the cave is also home to around 150 animal species, such as spiders, butterflies, interesting beetles, water snails, bats, and others. Learn about them at the EXPO Postojna Cave exhibition pavilion, where other, already extinct and occasional inhabitants of the cave are also presented, and where you can also enter the wonderful world of butterflies.

When the human foot steps into the cave ...

In the third and final stage, humans appear in caves. First as ice-age dwellers seeking refuge in caves, and later as explorers. Next year will mark 200 years since Postojna Cave was opened for tours. Thus far, more than 38 million visitors from all over the world have seen Postojna Cave. At the exhibition, you can learn about the history of the cave’s tourist development and about how the people living in its vicinity live with the cave.

The experience of the cave world for children

How did the mighty stalactites and stalagmites form, or the underground hall in which they hang from the ceiling like spaghetti? How do “dragon” babies grow? The exhibition provides answers to all of these questions that are formed in the minds of our youngsters. Children are able to learn about the magnificent play of nature that created incredible cave scenes throughout the earth's history in an interactive way with the help of the human fish and the L. hohenwarti beetle. To have a complete experience, try riding a real cave train.

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