Direct contact with nature

You will be able to best experience authentic Slovenia in nature, in the outdoors. There are many natural attractions in all parts of the country. Diverse flora and fauna and dynamic landscapes invite you all year round. Spend your holiday in the countryside, visit nature parks, and enjoy natural beauty. Direct contact with nature is even possible on the outskirts of towns.

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You will love the wonderful green nature, crystal clear waters and the amazing wonders of nature.Find your inspiration and relaxation in the idyllic environment of green Slovenia. 

From 580,00 € Active package

Active package

Active holidays
Persons: 2 Nights: 2

Activity is one of the greatest values in life. For this reason, Villa Planinka has prepared a full

Postojnska jama. d.d. Jezersko
From 1.380,00 € Trans Slovenia 01

Trans Slovenia 01

Active holidays
Persons: 6 Nights: 7

Trans Slovenia 01 is a mountain biking route that links three countries; Slovenia, Italy and Austria

Visit Goodplace Ljubljana
From 780,00 € Julian Alps Traverse (self-guided)

Julian Alps Traverse (self-guided)

Active holidays
Persons: 6 Nights: 7

The most beautiful traverse of the Julian Alps, over Vršič and through the Triglav Lakes Valley and

LIFE Adventures Kranjska Gora
From 1.070,00 € Julian Alps MTB

Julian Alps MTB

Active holidays
Persons: 1 Nights: 3

Mountain biking in the most beautiful parts of the Julian Alps. Join us on bike tours with a licens

Turistična agencija Hike&Bike Bohinjska Bistrica
From 130,00 € Biking at Celjska koča

Biking at Celjska koča

Active holidays
Persons: 1 Nights: 2

Celjska koča Hotel, the perfect starting point for discovering nature on a bike. Arranged trails to

Hotel Celjska koča Celje
From 999,00 € Trail run from castle to tower

Trail run from castle to tower

Active holidays
Persons: 4 Nights: 3

A trail run adventure from Ljubljana Castle to Aljaž Tower on Slovenia's highest mountain, Triglav

Slovenia Outdoor Ljubljana
From 825,00 € JAT Adventure

JAT Adventure

Active holidays
Persons: 6 Nights: 7

The Julian Alps Trail Run Adventure is an amazing experience for all mountain lovers. While running

Visit Goodplace Kranjska Gora
From 1.398,00 € Among wild Alpine flowers – Via Alpina

Among wild Alpine flowers – Via Alpina

Active holidays
Persons: 4 Nights: 7

Experience three different Alpine valleys and three different ways of life in the mountains on an 8-

Slovenia Outdoor Bled

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