Direct contact with nature

You will be able to best experience authentic Slovenia in nature, in the outdoors. There are many natural attractions in all parts of the country. Diverse flora and fauna and dynamic landscapes invite you all year round. Spend your holiday in the countryside, visit nature parks, and enjoy natural beauty. Direct contact with nature is even possible on the outskirts of towns.

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You will love the wonderful green nature, crystal clear waters and the amazing wonders of nature.Find your inspiration and relaxation in the idyllic environment of green Slovenia. 

From 700,00 € Cycling holidays in Southeastern Slovenia

Cycling holidays in Southeastern Slovenia

Active holidays
Persons: 1 Nights: 4

Cycling adventure for all those who want to combine cycling with discovering the natural and cultura

Turistična agencija Turizem Toni Zabukovje nad Sevnico
From 235,00 € Dedicated to passions

Dedicated to passions

Active holidays
Persons: 2 Nights: 2

Do you like to cycle or run? Are you an avid hiker? For everyone who follows their passions and spen

Hotel Šport Krka

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