Garden to table

Slovenia is a land of gardens. Nearly every Slovenian has at least a vegetable and herb garden whether they live in the countryside or in a town or city. Home-grown food tastes richer, and top chefs are well aware of this as they join the garden to table movement. See for yourself - try homemade delicacies. Ecological farms, farmer’s markets, ecological shops and agricultural shops across Slovenia offer not only fresh vegetables and fruit, but also other homemade products and home-grown produce.

An authentic taste at tourist farms

If you want to taste authentic Slovenian flavours, visit one of the countless tourist and visitor farms. Pluck juicy fruit right from the tree, taste some vegetables straight from the garden, enjoy a nice cup of fresh milk, sample meat delicacies and indulge in the freshly-baked brick oven bread that the hospitable locals will provide for you. Local winemakers will also be happy to pour you a glass of the local wine.

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Let’s go to the farmer’s market

Farmer’s markets are usually the heart of a city. They are bustling with social life and offer a dazzling array of typical local flavours. You can find these markets anywhere in Slovenia. The largest and the most colourful farmer’s market is in the centre of Ljubljana. In Maribor you can visit the modern market by the Drava River, or the organic market on Main Square. You can also get fresh vegetables, fruit, and other produce from nearby farms at the city market of Celje. Countless sea and coastal delicacies are available at the Ruba sz moje njive market in Izola. Healthy and local food is also available in many shops with organic and natural products from around Slovenia. The old city centre of Kranj could be called the ecological centre, as it boasts countless boutique ecological shops .

Garden to table concept in high gastronomy

Top chefs such as Ana Roš and Janez Bratovž swear by the rich flavours of local ingredients they skilfully use in their culinary masterpieces. See for yourself how they turn home-grown ingredients into delicious dishes.

The milky way

Have a glass of fresh milk from Slovenian farms even in urban centres. Locally produced milk and dairy products can be bought in special milk vending machines whenever you want. Just look for the word “Mlekomat”. They are usually located in city markets, near shops, and even at bus stops. Some farms have their own vending machines where you can buy fresh milk 24/7.

Local brands

Various farm produce and products can be found on the shelves of special agricultural shops. Some offer their own products made from local ingredients. Taste the unique Bled cheese in Bled, made from milk from nearby farms. Several excellent cheeses, including Mohant cheese, with its Protected Designation of Origin award, as well as Bohinj cheese, can be found under the From Bohinj brand. Other unified brands also boast gastronomic delicacies, for example Delicacies of Dolenjska, Taste of Posavje, Tastes of Rogla, Tastes of the Škofja Loka Countryside, Taste Kamnik, and others.

Local gastronomic experiences

Countless wine and fruit paths wind through the vineyards and orchards of Mediterranean and Pannonian Slovenia, inviting you to buy local wines and fruit from the locals themselves. In the Vipava Valley, in the Karst region and inland from Slovenian Istria you can visit local winemakers to enjoy the local cuisine. Learn all about the cheese tradition of the Soča Valley in Kobarid’s Cheese Museum. You can also taste your chosen local delicacies by participating in gastronomic events such as the Culinary Journey through Kranjska Gora, the Gourmet over Mura  Pomurje gastronomic experience or the Taste of Pohorje gastronomic journey.

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