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Do you know the best thing about Slovenia’s most beautiful waterfalls? On one hand their majesty commands respect, but on the other their beauty is constantly attractive. They are usually accompanied by incredible natural environments, and you will feel like you’re in paradise. You will find the largest and most powerful waterfalls mainly in the area of the Julian and Kamnik-Savinja Alps, but smaller waterfalls can be found all over Slovenia. The majority of them are easily accessible and are therefore popular excursion destinations. Their thundering has a calming effect and fills you with energy, and during the summer the tiny drops of spray are refreshing. Due to their mystical aspect they are also associated with numerous tales and legends.

The Savica Waterfall

One of Slovenia’s most picturesque waterfalls begins on the steep slopes of Komarča, not far from Lake Bohinj. Its unique feature is that its watercourse is split into two even before it rises to the surface. In fact, it is the source of the Sava Bohinjka River, which flows into Lake Bohinj as the Savica Stream. The Savica waterfall is an icon of Bohinj tourism, and it has great historical meaning for Slovenes and is an exceptional source of inspiration. One of the most beautiful paeans to the waterfall is the poem Baptism at Savica, by the great Slovenian poet France Prešeren.

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Peričnik Waterfall

En route to the Vrata Valley, above which the highest Slovenian peaks tower headed by Mt Triglav, you can find one of the tallest and most iconic waterfalls – Peričnik Waterfall. Its particularity lies in the fact that you can also walk behind it. In addition to the powerful 52-metre high lower waterfall, you can also ascend to the upper, 16-metre waterfall. 

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Rinka Falls

At the head of the Logar Valley below the mighty two-thousand metre peaks of the Kamnik-Savinja Alps you will find the astonishing Rinka Falls. At 90 metres tall it is one of Slovenia’s highest waterfalls, and is a popular spot for hikers and day-trippers, and for ice climbing in the winter. It is fed by water from the Okrešelj region, and reaches its greatest grandeur in the spring and fall.

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The Boka Waterfall

If you are travelling in the Soča Valley, you will definitely catch sight of the mighty Boka waterfall on the road between Bovec and Kobarid. It is the highest-volume waterfall in Slovenia, and with its total height of 144 metres and width of 18 metres it can stand shoulder to shoulder with Europe’s greatest waterfalls. Although it is easy to see from the road, it’s worth climbing up to the lookout point, from where you will be able to feel all of nature’s might.

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The Kozjak Waterfall

We could call it the most mysterious of Slovenia’s waterfalls. The Kozjak waterfall, which plunges into a rocky amphitheatre below the Krn range, is a mystical place that will stimulate your imagination. This magnificent 15-metre waterfall takes the stage in a hollowed-out underground hall, and therefore it is no surprise that it is becoming an increasingly popular motif on social networks.

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Martuljek Waterfalls

Martuljek Waterfall is particularly spectacular since it descends in three levels over a 110-metre of sheer cliff. The stream then continues its path over the Jasenje Mountain and drops over a 50-metre cliff as the Lower Martuljek Waterfall into the 400-metre long and narrow Martuljek Gorge.

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Veliki and Mali Šumik Waterfalls

A very special water feature is hidden in the shelter of the ancient Pohorje forests. In fact, two. On its way from Pohorje to the Drava Valley, the Lobnica Stream runs over the Veliki (Big) and Mali (Little) Šumik waterfalls, which create a thunderous roar in the ancient forests of Pohorje. Although the trail leading to the falls is somewhat demanding, at the end you will be rewarded with a truly fantastic scene of unspoilt nature.

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