Swim in crystal clear water

There’s nothing better than finding refreshment in a lake, a river, or in the sea, which simply draw you in whenever you happen to look at the crystal-clear water. Officially, you can find 48 bathing areas in Slovenia, where the quality of the bathing water is measured regularly. Among these, there are 30 bathing areas and 18 natural bathing sites. While safety and additional facilities are offered at natural bathing sites, in most natural bathing areas you are free to bathe at your own risk. In addition to controlled bathing water, you can also cool down at other popular sites by the water, where the quality of the bathing water is checked by the operators themselves. In most cases, the quality of water is good. Below you can find some tips on where you can splash in the water in officially registered and other popular spots by the lakes, rivers and the sea. Give in to temptation and jump in!

Dive into the deep blue Adriatic

When most people hear the word bathing, they probably think of the sea. There are plenty of reasons to swim in the sea in Slovenia. There are 21 natural bathing sites on the 42-kilometre Slovenian coast, some of which belong to hotels, while others are accessible to the general public. If you like being where everything happens, then Portorož Central Beach is just the place for you. This is also the largest beach in Slovenia, where there is a lot of fun for everyone, and you can grab a bite or a drink in numerous restaurants and bars along the beach. However, if you wish to find peace and an authentic contact with nature, then you will enjoy Moon Bay located in the Strunjan Landscape Park. In the vicinity of Piran, you can find Fiesa Bay with two fresh-water lakes. Izola boasts a well-maintained bathing site near a lighthouse. Just a short stroll towards Piran, you can find Simon’s Bay, a popular beach with a nearby archaeological park. In Koper, jump in the water at the town bathing area or at Žusterna. Where the Slovenian coast begins, the town of Ankaran awaits you with maintained natural bathing sites near Camp Adria and at Cape Debeli Rtič.

Jump into the wonderful lakes of Slovenia

Two popular summer swimming locations are the two largest Slovenian lakes, Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj. Excellent fun for the entire family awaits you at the Castle Bathing Area in Bled. The Mala and Velika Zaka near a camp are also popular bathing sites where you will find many opportunities to experience various activities next to or on water. Lovers of beautiful and authentic nature; you can enjoy yourselves on the shores of Lake Bohinj, either in Fužina Bay or in Ukanc. Not only can visitors swim in the lake, but it is also popular for surfing, kayaking, and canoeing, and even fishing and diving lovers will not be disappointed. Between Bled and Lesce, you can also find refreshment at the Šobec Pond, where there is a water park for children, too. In the Koroška region, you can visit the Radlje ob Dravi Water Park, which is considered to be the only biological pool in Slovenia. Another popular bathing and water activity location is Lake Velenje. Here, you can hire SUP boards and surf boards, have fun at the water park, or enjoy activities on the lake shore. Next to the lake, not far from the main beach, is a place where your pets can find some refreshment as well.

Have fun swimming in rivers

There are many Slovenian rivers where visitors can find some pleasant refreshment. The River Kolpa is the most ideal for swimming, as it is considered to be the warmest river in Slovenia. In this “longest Slovenian Riviera,” you can find a bathing area at almost every step. Treat yourself to some aquafun for the whole family at the Podzemelj Bathing Site. You can hire a canoe or an SUP board at the nearby camping site and row on the river or simply swim in this green beauty of the Bela Krajina region. Make sure to visit the natural bathing area Radenci ob Kolpi, which was named “a natural spa” by its visitors. The largest water sports centre on the River Kolpa is located nearby. There are also nice bathing sites for swimming in the Kolpa in Adlešiči and Griblje. Escape the summer heat by swimming in the River Krka in the Dolenjska region in popular bathing areas near Žužemberk and Straža



You can find pleasant refreshment in the River Nadiža, which is considered one of the warmest Alpine rivers. Its crystal clear pools and well-maintained natural bathing areas tempt visitors to jump in. It is even said to have therapeutic powers. The wonderful turquoise colour of the River Soča will simply make you want to at least dip your feet in it, and those feeling a little more daring can even swim in it. The most famous gravel terrains are between Kobarid and Tolmin, and the confluence of the Rivers Tolminka and Soča in Tolmin are popular locations where various festivals take place. The most daring and truly refreshing experience awaits you in Čezsoča. Further down the river, you can also swim in Kanal and Solkan, where there is also a kayaking centre.


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