A mosaic of cultural happenings

Witness the rich festival events in Slovenia! You can find a festival in almost every place that you visit. They are often connected to local tradition and cuisine. Enjoy various music, film, theatre, and other festivals of modern art. On colder days, seek refuge in one of the many cultural institutions, where you will be welcomed at music and dance events. Unforgettable performances of world-class Slovenian and foreign works come to life before your eyes in the limelight of Slovenia's stages.

Important events in Slovenia in 2020

There are plenty of reasons for you to visit Slovenia in 2020 – from the dynamic landscape with numerous active adventures to rich cultural heritage and fine cuisine. There will also be many events, so here are a few tips on which sports events, cultural anniversaries, concerts and events in Slovenia you should not miss.



Travel around Slovenia and discover diverse festivals. Slovenia is a land of festivals, as nearly every major town can boast at least one. You will be pleased to hear that these festivals cater to various tastes and are affordable for everyone. They also provide inspiration and great experiences.


Music and dance

You will always hit it off with Slovenians if you join them when they are listening to music or if you dance with them. Lovers of music should experience the diverse offerings of classical and contemporary music and dance in Slovenia.


Theatre and film

Spend summer evenings under the stars in the company of stars: in streets, squares, and parks that transform into outdoor cinemas and theatres. The rich cultural offerings continue throughout the year, with over 200 premières taking place. One of the most highly anticipated events is the LIFFE Film Festival in November, which changes Ljubljana into an international motion picture hub for two weeks.


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Colour your holidays with the rainbow of culture and arts in Slovenia. You will be surrounded by lively events combining traditional elements with modern trends. Choose and book your holiday today!

From 160,00 € For those with the spirit of explorers who love millennia-old history

For those with the spirit of explorers who love millennia-old history

Towns, history, culture
Persons: 1 Nights: 2

A break in a town for lovers of millennia-old history. Discover historical cultural heritage, tradit

Hosting d.o.o. Ptuj
From 198,00 € Unforgettable experience in Murska Sobota, the heart of Pomurje Region

Unforgettable experience in Murska Sobota, the heart of Pomurje Region

Towns, history, culture
Persons: 2 Nights: 1

Come, taste, experience and take a piece of Pomurje home with you. A special experience awaits you

ZKTŠ Murska Sobota Murska Sobota
From 384,00 € Escape Ljubljana®

Escape Ljubljana®

Towns, history, culture
Persons: 2 Nights: 2

Escape somewhere nicer and have a grand ole time! During this weekend getaway from boredom, you’l

Enigmarium d.o.o. Ljubljana
Cultural Experiences

Cultural Experiences

Discover the mysterious combination of cultural sights and natural patterns which have had their meeting point in Slovenia, at the crossroads of nations and regions, for centuries. Publication "Cultural experiences" opens doors to travellers into the world of artistic creativity and architecture, into the history of culture and the modern way of life. Come on in, it´s Slovenia Culture Time!

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