Museums are fun

Every museum  has its own treasures for everyone. Museum corridors and exhibition rooms are permeated by vivid, captivating stories from the past. If you dismiss this idea, saying that you are unmoved by dusty exhibits and historical facts, you may change your mind when you receive an invitation to visit somewhat untypical museums. Quench your thirst for exploration and choose a museum to your taste.

Special stories from the museums of Central Slovenia

Are you more interested in technical things or you prefer theatre? Are you fond of unusual challenges? Visit some of the special museums of Central Slovenia.

Landmark museums of Alpine Slovenia

Visit museums that will take you to a world of the most amazing stories, from a visionary view of space technology to the world's oldest wine.

Listen to the words of an Isonzo Front soldier

Set out on the Isonzo Front trail with a guide in soldier uniform. In the dedicated Kobarid museum you can learn everything about one of the most brutal fronts from World War I. Uncover the world of caverns, fire trenches and other relics of the war in the valley of the emerald-green Soča River (Italian: Isonzo) and finish the day by tasting local cheeses.


Museums with a touch of the sea and the Karst

Listen to stories washed up by the sea. Learn about Slovenia's film stars and about the "white stars" of the Slovenian Karst. Follow the history of warfare from antiquity to the present day.

Visit the peculiar museums of Thermal Pannonian Slovenia

Learn about the life and work of miners, brewers and winegrowers. Take a look at the most beautiful old-timer motorcycles. Take your children to a unique children's museum.

Do you enjoy travelling to the past?

If yes, then visit other museums across Slovenia bearing witness to interesting events and facts from our history. Uncover Slovenia's UNESCO heritage, visit the majestic castles, churches, and monasteries, and explore the picturesque historical old town centres. 

Stories from Slovenia

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