Meet the most valuable musical treasures 

The first signs of a love of music in the area of today’s Slovenia date back 60,000 years. This is the age of the flute of a Neanderthal, which is considered to be the oldest musical instrument in the world. 

In Piran, you can see and also listen to the 300-year-old violin of the virtuoso Giuseppe Tartini. 

At the Slovenian Philharmonic, you can enjoy a rendition of Beethoven’s 6th symphony. Its transcript, with his own corrections, was sent to Ljubljana by the great composer himself.

Enter the Slovenian world of music and dance

Are your toes tapping yet? Or do you only enjoy listening to music and admiring dancers? Slovenian music and dancing institutions will pamper your senses either with classical music and ballet or contemporary, trendy and alternative rhythms. We present some of the most renowned institutions where your musical tastes will be catered for.

Slovenian Philharmonic

With a tradition lasting more than 300 years, the Slovenian Philharmonic is considered to be one of the oldest musical institutions in the world. Its growth and recognisability is due to the famous musical artists, such as Gustav Mahler, Václav ­Talich, Hans Gerstner, Marko Letonja, George Pehlivanian, and Emmanuel Villaume, who worked in Ljubljana at various periods. Among the renowned names that are connected with the operation of this orchestra, you will also be able to find Ludwig van Beethoven.

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The Ljubljana Slovenian National Theatre Opera and Ballet

Did you know that the residents of Ljubljana were among the first in Europe to be able to see this relatively new genre performed? In 1660, when Ljubljana was visited by the Holy Roman Emperor, Leopold I of the House of Habsburg, , his host, the governor of Carniola, Johann Weikhart of Auersperg, prepared a surprise at his manor: a performance of Italian opera. In Ljubljana, you can now listen to operas by various composers, including those of Slovenian origin, and enjoy the classics of ballet, along with more modern creations. 

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The Maribor Slovenian National Theatre Opera and Ballet

The Maribor Slovenian National Theatre is special among theatres in Europe because there you can enjoy plays, operas, ballets, concerts, and performances within festivals. This incredible house of culture and its rich and creative productions host guest performers from all around the world. The famous Edward Clug has been choreographing successful performances for more than twenty-five years.

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Cankarjev Dom

Cankarjev Dom is the most important cultural and convention centre in Slovenia, and it has thus far hosted the finest performers in various modes of artistic expression, such as Luciano Pavarotti, Carlos Kleiber, Zubin Mehta, Claudio Abbado, Lorin Maazel, the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the Israel Symphonic Orchestra, Miles Davis, Al Di Meolla, Tito Puente, and many more. Various festivals, international conventions, trade shows, and presentations take place here.

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The Španski Borci Cultural Centre

Visit this centre for contemporary dance and other art forms inspired by the times in which we live and the stories of today. The building, which is regarded as the jewel of Slovenian post-WWII architecture – it was constructed from 1979 to 1981 in accordance with the designs of Otona Jugovc – is home to the international group called EnKnapGroup, the only permanent ensemble for contemporary dance in Slovenia.

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Kino Šiška

Those who love modern musical genres and spending time relaxing with others will enjoy the programme offered by Kino Šiška. This urban culture centre, where there is also room for visual and performing arts, is intended for alternative, experimental, punk, metal, indie, pop, rock, world, jazz, and electronic music. The building that houses Kino Šiška is also special: it is considered to be a unique building constructed in the modernist architectural style. Of particular note are its cubic design with a glass façade, the indoor spiral staircase, the mosaic-covered pillars, and the oval hall.

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Metelkova City

In Ljubljana, there are two alternative and autonomous cultural centres in Metelkova Street, and they are housed in a complex of former military buildings. After Slovenia gained its independence, they were occupied by members of various subcultures. If you walk around this former military area, you will see various clubs where, in just one night, you can give yourself over to dance rhythms, see an art performance or an exhibition, and hang out outside in the Square without Memory of History.

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My way of socialising while accompanied by music

Enjoy varied music events and make new friends at diverse music festivals in Slovenia. From classical music to metal, from jazz to electronic music – everyone can find something for themselves.


Focus on the body language of dance

Witness the dance expression of internationally acclaimed dancers at festivals of contemporary dance. Enjoy Gibanica, a dance biennial offering an insight into selected Slovenian contemporary dance production. In September, artists from all over the world gather in Murska Sobota on Front@ Festival to show what's new and different in the world of dance. The festival is valuable because it gives visitors the opportunity to learn about future trends and allows young dancers from various schools and academies to introduce themselves.

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