Experience the 'spirit of the era' in Slovenian historical towns

Stroll through old historical towns and discover the traces of the past from ancient times and the Middle Ages to the middle-class architecture of the 19th century. Ancient streets and squares, impressive medieval buildings, castles and city walls inspire the imagination of every visitor. The charm of old town houses repurposed into museums, galleries, boutique shops and hotels is always appealing.

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Why are there so many churches, chapels and monasteries in Slovenia?

There is almost no village or hill in Slovenia that does not have a church or at least a chapel. Some hide special stories and treasures well worth uncovering. The monasteries of Slovenia keep their own secrets. In Slovenia, you can also find the tomb of the last King of France and the third oldest pharmacy in Europe.


Experience Slovenian churches and monasteries in your own way

Take on the role of explorer and discover the amazing stories behind the churches and monasteries that will impress you with their architecture or paintings, or with the mysteries hidden behind their walls. Today, some of the former monastery buildings have been repurposed into galleries, museums and centres of vibrant cultural events.


Modern and majestic

Are you fascinated more by ancient buildings than by modern architectural masterpieces? Excellent Slovenian architects have left their mark on Slovenia and beyond. Take your time strolling through the streets of Ljubljana to learn about the masterpieces of Jože Plečnik, the incredible works of Maks Fabiani who was the personal adviser to the Austro-Hungarian crown prince Archduke Franz Ferdinand, the prominent architectural names of the post-war era and contemporary architectural achievements.


Stories from Slovenia

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