Experience the life of a lord of a castle

Slovenia is rich in castles, manors, fortresses, and fortification systems. These were built at various times during the medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods, and the first traces of their construction date all the way back to antiquity. Time got the better of many of them, but dozens now fulfil interesting functions.

Hundreds of castles could once be found around Slovenian lands, but many have been overtaken by unpredictable historical events. Only ruins remain, which excite the people of today due to the stories hidden within the thick walls and the beautiful views of the picturesque landscape. Quite a few mighty buildings survived the test of time; in these you can now see various exhibitions and shows, listen to concerts, dine, spend the night, or experience the wedding of your dreams.

Sleeping in castles

Slovenian castles are a part of various historical stories; their cold corridors allow you to feel the mysterious medieval period, and as you gaze through a window, you will be reminded of a story from a Renaissance novel. Many Slovenian castles have been transformed into hotels, and their unique offer invites guests from all around the world. Old castles can be found in all regions of Slovenia. Romantic gardens, excellent cuisine and castle walls whispering stories from long ago serve as a superb backdrop for an active holiday inspired by romance and history.


Posavje castles

Posavje is the Slovenian region of castles where each one tells its own story. They are usually arranged into museums, but you can also spend the night in some of them. Powerful castle walls are an excellent backdrop for various events and dream weddings.

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Ptuj Castle

Head to the small hill that will raise you above one of the oldest towns in Slovenia, and enjoy the strategic view that was once enjoyed by our ancestors millenia ago. The castle was built on the remains of a Roman temple. In the 17th century, elegant rooms with exquisite stuccowork were built. These rooms now house the museum artefacts.

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Negova Castle

Are you friendly with ghosts? Then this is the castle for you. It is home to the friendly witch Apolonija, and in one of its walls resides the ghost of a Turk who was sealed up there while still alive by the raging residents of the castle. The mighty building is full of stories – including the one about King Matjaž or Matthias Corvinus, whose cannonball, with which he attacked the castle in 1487, now hangs above the entrance. The castle complex  an impressive area of 4839.35 m², is now open for tours, various events, weddings, and photography exhibitions.

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Otočec Castle

Romance and fairy-tales are words that come to mind when you see a wooden bridge, the broad expanse of the blue River Krka bustling with swans and ducks, mighty trees, and an island surmounted by a Gothic and Renaissance building. Otočec Castle is the only island castle in Slovenia, and is surrounded by a 200-year old park filled with indigenous and exotic tree species. There are also a golf course and a health resort nearby. The castle houses a world-class restaurant and a luxurious hotel, a member of the Relais & Châteaux chain.

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Snežnik Castle

The idyllic natural backdrop with trees and a pond with ducks, reflecting the image of the white castle, will immediately bring out your romantic feelings. If you are not already married, you will want to have your wedding at this castle that dates back to at least the 13th century. The interior of the castle is from the 19th century, which makes Snežnik Castle one of the rare buildings of its kind with authentic interior elements.

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Bogenšperk Castle

Built in the early 16th century as the successor to a medieval fortress, this castle was designed in the shape of a square with four towers and a large internal courtyard. Its owners frequently changed, but its heyday was during the period of the famous Janez Vajkard Valvasor (1672–1692), who was a polyhistorian and a member of the British Royal Society. His impressive body of work, which includes a study of the intermittent Lake Cerknica and a history of most of the area that is today's Slovenia, can be seen at the castle.

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Brdo Castle

Do you know where presidents, royal family members, diplomats, and other renowned world personalities are accommodated when they come to Slovenia? Brdo Castle is the main protocol facility of the Republic of Slovenia, and in the past, it was home to the Yugoslav royal family of Karađorđević and of President Josip Broz Tito. Tours of the castle are only possible during European Heritage Days, but it is most certainly a pleasant experience to visit its estate, to play golf and stay at the nearby Brdo Hotel. 

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Strmol Castle

Visit Strmol Castle to experience the life of a castle lord. This castle is among the oldest and best preserved in Slovenia. Even its interior is historically authentic, dating mainly from the Baroque and Biedermeier periods. This means that when you visit this castle, which has been turned into a lavish hotel and is a member of the Schlosshotels & Herrenhauser hotel chain, you can sleep on the bed of the last lord of the castle. During your stay, you can also meet the castle's unique guard – a crocodile.

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Loka Castle

Above the old town centre of Škofja Loka, which impresses visitors with its medieval appearance, there is a castle. In this castle, you can see various museum collections, and the castle’s fine architecture will also draw your attention. It was built by the Freising Bishops in 1202, but was later reconstructed and modified a few times, e.g. after earthquakes in the 16th and 17th centuries and at the end of the 19th century when the Ursuline nuns became the new owners. 

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Maribor Castle

From an administrative building to a mighty castle. This is the history of the castle that can be found in the old city centre of Maribor. This dynamic building is ideal for exploring, as it houses a museum, and it is also interesting due to various building elements, including a rococo staircase with various figures and walls decorated with exquisite stuccowork, and Baroque knight’s halls bearing images of the seasons, horse-mounted battles, and the story of Odysseus. 

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Velenje Castle

How do you imagine your fairy-tale castle? Perhaps your eye conjures up exactly the same castle that stands on a gentle slope as you come into Velenje. It is one of the best preserved Slovenian Renaissance castles. The nucleus of the castle, the inner arcade courtyard and picturesque walls today house museum collections and a gallery, and the remains of a mastodon are kept in the former stable. Visitors are thrilled with the castle shop and restaurant, and in the summer the castle garden hosts the Youth and Culture Days.

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Raka Castle

The mighty Raka Castle, one of the oldest medieval castles in Slovenia, sits at the northern edge of the valley of the Krka River between Krško and Novo mesto. You can admire the castle's authentic interior dating from the period between the 17th century and 19th century. The museum collection features over 450 pieces of furniture and 1600 other works of art. Take a tour of the castle's 34 rooms and discover treasures from the past.

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Strmol Manor in Rogatec

The manor has seen many changes and has served various purposes since it was built in the 15th century. Today it is primarily the centre of Rogatec’s cultural life. It hosts museum exhibitions, concerts and workshops of the Rogatec Handicraft Centre. Here you can relive the atmosphere of the Baroque era through theatre scenes or take a walk in the beautiful English-style park.

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Make your dream of a fairy-tale wedding come true

Are you dreaming of a fairy-tale wedding at a magnificent castle or a romantic mansion? There are many possibilities to make this dream come true in Slovenia. Slovenian castles, mansions and villas with their green surroundings, unforgettable views, excellent food and modern comfort are the right choice to celebrate the start of a new chapter in your life.


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