Experience the life of a lord of a castle

Slovenia is rich in castles, manors, fortresses, and fortification systems. These were built at various times during the medieval, Renaissance, and Baroque periods, and the first traces of their construction date all the way back to antiquity. Time got the better of many of them, but dozens now fulfil interesting functions.

Hundreds of castles could once be found around Slovenian lands, but many have been overtaken by unpredictable historical events. Only ruins remain, which excite the people of today due to the stories hidden within the thick walls and the beautiful views of the picturesque landscape. Quite a few mighty buildings survived the test of time; in these you can now see various exhibitions and shows, listen to concerts, dine, spend the night, or experience the wedding of your dreams.

Sleeping in castles

Slovenian castles are a part of various historical stories; their cold corridors allow you to feel the mysterious medieval period, and as you gaze through a window, you will be reminded of a story from a Renaissance novel. Many Slovenian castles have been transformed into hotels, and their unique offer invites guests from all around the world. Old castles can be found in all regions of Slovenia. Romantic gardens, excellent cuisine and castle walls whispering stories from long ago serve as a superb backdrop for an active holiday inspired by romance and history.


Make your dream of a fairy-tale wedding come true

Are you dreaming of a fairy-tale wedding at a magnificent castle or a romantic mansion? There are many possibilities to make this dream come true in Slovenia. Slovenian castles, mansions and villas with their green surroundings, unforgettable views, excellent food and modern comfort are the right choice to celebrate the start of a new chapter in your life.


Stories from Slovenia

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