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When looking for good local food, go to a “gostilna.” These typical Slovenian establishments for socialising, enjoying Sunday lunches and typical dishes on other days of the week include many family establishments, some with a hundred-year-old tradition. Gostilnas which offer authentic Slovenian and local cuisine are proud to carry the label “Gostilna Slovenija.” These are gostilnas that preserve Slovenian culinary heritage.  They offer at least three dishes with a protected geographical indication, and at least half of the produce in their kitchens is produced locally. They also offer Slovenian wines, spirits, juices, and water. Some gostilnas also provide accommodation.

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An authentic local experience at tourist farms

Slovenia has an abundance of tourist farms and farms that are great starting point for trips and hikes. You will find hospitable homesteads in every region of Slovenia, where each day they prepare authentic dishes using their own ingredients for their guests, and on weekends or upon prior reservation for other visitors. They also offer wine and juices from their own cellars. If you visit these farms, you can enjoy a tour, tastings, culinary workshops, picnics in nature, and much more.

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A special attraction: Eights (Osmice)

If you are travelling through the Karst Region and Mediterranean Slovenia, you will find signposts marked with a bouquet of ivy. It leads you to an experience called the Eight (Osmica). This tradition of providing hospitable meals at homesteads originates in the past, when a permit was issued to wine-growers, allowing them to sell surplus wine, home-made prosciutto, and other home-made products tax-free for eight days a year.  In addition to wine and prosciutto, you will also be served home-made bread and Potica Cake.

Eat and drink locally in the mountains as well

There are more than 150 mountain lodges along Slovenian mountain trails. On weekends especially, you can smell the aromas of typical Slovenian dishes, mostly stews, and other culinary delights prepared using local ingredients.


Get the best from selected chefs

Chefs who learned from great master chefs and who have extensive and unique experience create their own culinary masterpieces in numerous restaurants and inns (gostilnas) in all regions of Slovenia. Some of them even attract international attention. Enjoy world-class culinary experiences and book a tasting with Ana Roš, Janez Bratovž, Tomaž Kavčič, or Andrej Kuhar!


A cosmopolitan experience at great restaurants

Kitchens of good restaurants in Slovenian towns and cities, hotels, and health resorts will treat you to Slovenian dishes and international dishes. Slovenia is at the crossroads of influences from the Germanic and Romance worlds, Hungarian and Slavic cuisines, hence it preserved its own original cuisine – what is more, Slovenian chefs are masters of European cuisine. If you visit major Slovenian cities and towns, you will be able to easily find restaurants offering specific dishes from other parts of the world. Find the right restaurant for yourself by trusting the stellar reviews of TripAdvisorju users.

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Health resorts: Slovenian, cosmopolitan, and healthy

The menus at Slovenian natural health resorts offer guests locally produced food and typical Slovenian and local dishes, and special attention is paid to healthy nutrition as the indispensable factor in the comprehensive approach to health and well-being.


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From 129,00 € A culinary weekend in the land of vineyards and vineyard cottages

A culinary weekend in the land of vineyards and vineyard cottages

Persons: 2 Nights: 2

Treat yourselves to a romantic weekend in the wonderful atmosphere of vineyard cottages (zidanice) i

Kompas Novo mesto Novo mesto
From 2.750,00 € Culinary holidays in Slovenia

Culinary holidays in Slovenia

Persons: 1 Nights: 7

Unique holidays marked by cooking and wine tasting, and discovering tastes and local traditions in d

Cook Eat Slovenia Kojsko
From 690,00 € Digital detox for getting in touch with oneself

Digital detox for getting in touch with oneself

Persons: 2 Nights: 2

The perfect package for everyone who wishes to try the supreme culinary offer of the Bela Krajina re

Kalska homestead Semič
From 170,00 € Truffle hunting in the Slovenian Istria

Truffle hunting in the Slovenian Istria

Persons: 2 Nights: 1

Discover one of the best truffles in the world, which grows in Slovenia. After a brief introduction,

Lifetime experience Koper
From 80,00 € BEERFEST – Festival of Beer In Krško

BEERFEST – Festival of Beer In Krško

Persons: 2 Nights: 1

The festival of beer, BEERFEST, in the old town centre of Krško invites lovers of beer, which will b

Hotel Kunst Krško
From 299,00 € Tastes of Slovenia

Tastes of Slovenia

Persons: 2 Nights: 2

Sample the nouvelle Slovene cuisine of chef UrošŠ Explore Radovljica, discover Brezje, Begunje and

Vila Podvin Radovljica
From 169,00 € Hotel & Wine & Spa

Hotel & Wine & Spa

Persons: 1 Nights: 2

Unique opportunity

Hotel Mond Šentilj v Slov.Goricah
From 260,00 € The flavours and comfort of Ptuj wine culture

The flavours and comfort of Ptuj wine culture

Persons: 2 Nights: 2

The intoxicating smell, sophisticated flavour, seductive aroma, wine culture and meticulous work of

Hotel Mitra Ptuj

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