Take it easy...

Does it feel like you’re always in a rush and stressed out? Pause for a moment; dive deep within yourself and take a deep breath. Slovenia invites you to a selfness experience that will help you reconnect with yourself. Release your thoughts and relax your mind with yoga and meditation and gain additional strength and vitality by visiting energy points.

Loyal to yourself

Make time for yourself. The comprehensive approach of selfness will improve your general well-being and make it easier for your to face daily challenges. Change your habits and yourself with a selfness experience at Terme Olimia. Free yourself of the tension and find your inner peace with an ayuverdic approach at the Lifeclass Portorož hotels and spas. Themana Laško can also help you focus on your body and mind. You can opt for the unique forest selfness in the heart of the Cerkno forests; nature’s relaxing colours, soothing sounds and healing air will help you reconnect with yourself.

Achieve inner harmony with yoga

There are various relaxation techniques, yoga being one of them, that can be very useful for managing daily stresses. Do yoga surrounded by green forests, lush meadows and crystal clear water for an even better effect. Dive deep into yourself by breathing in the fresh mountain air or listening to the sounds of ocean waves and healing gongs. Choose from a number of enticing yoga destinations in Slovenia.


Positive energy at energy points

Slovenia offers countless outdoor spots to relax and recharge your batteries. In some places, the earth gives way to miraculous springs of beneficial energy that will provide you with better health and general well-being. Slovenia is home to countless energy points and centres where you can feel the positive effects and a surge in fresh life energy.


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