Paradise below Triglav

Magnificent views from the tall peaks, green Alpine valleys, babbling brooks and lakes that reflect the blue sky, and a huge diversity of flora and fauna. No, you’re not dreaming! You can experience all of this in Triglav National Park, Slovenia’s largest protected area and only national park. It takes its name from Slovenia’s highest mountain, Triglav (2,864 m), and is seen by many as a kind of holy mountain. The park encompasses the majority of the eastern part of the Julian Alps. In addition to its natural attractions you can feel man’s connection with nature, which is also evident in the park’s cultural heritage. There are abundant opportunities for exploring and active use of your free time, so what are you waiting for? Feel Triglav National Park in your own way.

Enter the Kingdom of the Zlatorog

One of Slovenia’s best-known legends tells of a golden-horned chamois who reigned over the Julian Alps. Enter his kingdom and search for his greatest treasures, which lie hidden in Triglav National Park and its surroundings.

Treasures that you should not miss

You will happen upon numerous natural and cultural attractions in Triglav National Park. To give you an idea, we present some of the most beautiful creations of both nature and man.

My way of actively experiencing nature

Stop time and escape into the embrace of unspoiled nature, and enjoy active experiences your own way. Climb to the summits and drink in the beauty of the views, feel the drops of clear water on your skin and raise your heart rate with adrenaline sports.

Hiking in the Garden of Eden

Whether your heart seeks the heights or is happy walking in the Alpine valleys, you will find a trail to your liking in Triglav National Park. On the themed trails you can get to know the riches of the park and its rules more intimately.


Refreshing experiences in Alpine waters

Refreshing experiences in Alpine waters

The crystal-clear waters simply cry for adventure, which you will find in ample supply in Triglav National Park. Take a kayak, canoe or raft down the rapids, or go swimming in a glacial lake or river gorge and explore the world below the water’s surface.


Biking responsibly in nature

Biking responsibly in nature

You can also enjoy nature’s beauty and diversity in the national park by bike. Bike riding is only allowed on the maintained forest trails and with a high degree of responsibility, but they offer indescribable pleasures. Part of the Slovenian Mountain Bike Route leads through the park.


In search of winter thrills at Vogel

In search of winter thrills at Vogel

The Vogel ski area, which rises above Lake Bohinj, is the only ski area lying within Triglav National Park. A gondola takes you to the top, and you can find your own favourite way down. Vogel is a popular destination for tour skiing and freeriding.


The most beautiful paths that also lead to Triglav National Park

The Julian Alps, the highest mountain range in Slovenia, make up almost the entire area of Triglav National Park. The national park is crossed by some long-distance trails, which are considered to be among the most beautiful hiking trails in Slovenia.

Perhaps you didn’t know...

Triglav National Park covers a full four percent of Slovenia’s territory.

What is known today as Triglav National Park is one of Europe’s oldest parks.

The majority of Slovenia’s more than 400 two-thousand metre peaks lie within the boundaries of Triglav National Park.

Triglav National Park was the first Slovenian biosphere reserve in UNESCO’s MAB network.

Cool air of mountain valleys

It is especially pleasant to visit the Triglav National Park in the summer, when temperatures in other parts of the country reach 30˚C. At the Park, the average temperatures of the warmest month range from 20°C in the valley to 5.6°C in the mountains. Find your place to unwind in the Julian Alps.



How to reach the Park

The Triglav National Park is the symbol of Alpine Slovenia, but it also has certain elements of Mediterranean Slovenia. Info points, which are also the best starting point for learning about the Park, are located at Lake Bled and Lake Bohinj, and in Trenta Valley, near Bovec and the Soča Valley.

Share your way of experiencing Triglav National Park

Capture the most majestic moments in Triglav National Park and share your photos and videos with the hashtags #ifeelsLOVEnia and #myway.

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