A colourful rainbow of sea experiences

If you decide to visit the Slovenian coast, you certainly won't be bored. Take a stroll through charming coastal towns, wander around quaint inland villages and spice up your holidays with countless active adventures. You can always take a swim - but you can also feel the wind in your hair on boat trip or go diving in the deep blue of the Adriatic Sea. The land also has numerous adventures to offer such as bicycle riding, hiking, horse-back riding and rock climbing. Check out the selection of some of the most appealing experiences.

Cycling on a former railway line

Parenzana, also known as Porečanka, is a popular cycling trail between Trieste and Poreč which follows the route of a former railway line. There are many interesting things that you can see along the way. In the Slovenian section of the trail, you can visit three nature parks, the old town centre of Koper, and a beach by a lighthouse in Izola, and you can also see the Forma Viva collection of stone sculptures. There are also many other cycling trails that can take you around the coast and its countryside.


Stand-up paddle-boarding on the sea

Take a look at the coast from the sea as you go on stand-up paddle-boarding trips. Paddle on your board from Piran to Strunjan. On your trip, see the old town centre from the sea – row by the old Piran town wall and you will reach Fiesa and find a shell beach a resting area for great cormorants, protected birds, and from there you can set off to your final destination in Strunjan. Short trips from Moon Bay or to the beaches of Izola are also interesting. Take your SUP boards to explore the surrounding area of Koper and Ankaran.

Find refreshment in well-maintained bathing areas

A series of well-maintained bathing areas can be found along the Slovenian coast, from Cape Debeli Rtič to Seča, for those who yearn for busy beaches and those who seek peaceful areas in nature by the sea. One of the most popular beaches is the Portorož Central Beach, or experience a touch of glamour at Medusa Beach. A pleasant mix of the scent of the sea and pine trees awaits you in Strunjan or at Cape Debeli Rtič. In Izola, there is a popular beach by a lighthouse, and those with an exploring spirit are drawn by Simon’s Bay and its rich archaeological heritage. Žusterna is the centre of water fun in Koper. There is also a water park there with many water attractions. In addition to bathing in the sea, you can also swim in the pools of Lifeclass Portorož, Talaso Strunjan, and in other indoor hotel pools in all of the major towns on the coast.


Sea adventures on or under the surface of the water

The mere blueness of the sea is enough to make you want to enjoy water activities. Even if you do not have suitable equipment, you can rent it in different spots on the coast. One of the largest water activity centres is in Koper. In addition to renting equipment for different sports activities, you can also take various courses or disconnect by engaging in various relaxation techniques. Lovers of surfing and kiting can find just the right activity at Cape Ronek in  Izola. A true scuba diving experience awaits you between Izola and Koper, where the mighty transatlantic ship Rex sank.

Climbing paradise on the Karst Edge

Would you like to complement your coastal holiday by adding a climbing adventure?  The Karst Edge, which rises in the hinterland of Koper, is Slovenia's central climbing location where more than half of Slovenia’s climbing routes, with various levels of difficulty, are found. The most popular one among climbers is the wall in Osp, the oldest Slovenian village. You can also find a number of routes at Črni Kal and Črnotiče. In addition to climbing, you can also explore the natural and cultural characteristics of the Karst Edge on biking and hiking trails. 


Explore the Slovenian coast on hiking trails

Holidays at the seaside – with hiking shoes? Why not? On the Slovenian coast and its Istrian countryside, you can find many trails that will lead you among vineyards and olive groves, past special natural sites, pleasant Istrian villages, and cultural landmarks. You can head to the seaside on foot by taking different long-distance trails – the Slovenian Long-Distance Trail will bring you to Ankaran, the E6 European Long-Distance Path takes you past the hinterland of Koper all the way to Strunjan, and the full length of the coast can be walked on the E12 European Long-Distance Path.

Exploring the coast on horseback

Do you love horseback riding? You can explore the surroundings on horseback at the seaside as well. You can take horses on the trails of the Škocjanski Zatok Nature Reserve and also spend that time observing various bird varieties that live in this brackish swamp. Visit the Medljan Tourist Farm, where you can take a horse and head out on a horseback riding trail in the Izola countryside, while your children can make friends with horses on a tailor-made holiday.

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