Discover the beauty of unspoilt nature

Everyone looks for pleasant refreshment on hot summer days. Find it in the unspoilt nature of green Slovenia. An abundance of protected areas, which account for no less than 13% of Slovenia, await you! One national park, three regional parks, 34 landscape parks, 66 nature reserves, and more than 1200 natural monuments are just some of the reasons for you to come and find peace and relaxation as you admire authentic natural beauty.

24,000 animal species live here, and some of them are very rare or even endangered. You can also learn about the wealth of Slovenian protected areas actively – on foot, by bicycle, in a kayak, on horseback, etc. Are you ready for experiences in Slovenian nature parks?


Take a hike or a walk in green nature

The most suitable way of exploring the protected natural corners of Slovenia is to head there on foot using well-maintained trails. Most parks have themed trails where you can not only learn about natural heritage, but about cultural heritage, the life of people living in protected areas, and the local cuisine as well. 

No matter whether you climb up tall Alpine peaks or cross rolling hills, take a journey in the shelter of green forests, or walk across sweet-smelling meadows – you will be able to enjoy the beauty of authentic nature wherever you go.

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Find cycling pleasure in nature parks

Do you like exploring nature by bicycle? You’ll have plenty of opportunity to do so in Slovenia, even in some protected areas. If you’d like to relax by going on a bicycle ride, use well-maintained trails in swamps, along lake shores, in salt pans, or through Alpine valleys. More advanced cyclists can take on challenges that take them across gentle hills, while mountain bikers are drawn to some trails underneath Alpine peaks.

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Feel the rush of freshness and adrenaline

Refreshment in crystal clear water awaits you in Slovenia's nature parks. You can simply jump into the water and swim in natural swimming areas in lakes, rivers, or the sea. If you're seeking more daring challenges, make sure to tackle white waters in rivers on a raft or kayak, or simply enjoy the calm flow of rivers in a boat or on a stand-up paddle board. Find your oasis of peace and ‘meditate’ as you enjoy some recreational fishing in the embrace of authentic nature. When at the coast, you can explore the incredible underwater world, among other things.

Explore the mysterious karst world

You can escape the summer heat by descending into the incredible subterranean karst world of Slovenia. In addition to the Postojna Cave, which is the most famous, there are also many other caves that are just as magnificent and that offer the perfect opportunity to escape from the seasonal warmth. The Škocjan Caves, which are on the UNESCO World Heritage List, will take your breath away with their vast halls and a true subterranean “canyon.” In the Notranjska Regional Park, where you can encounter many karst phenomena, both on the surface and beneath it, another karst beauty awaits you – the Križna Cave, famous for emerald subterranean lakes and for being the archaeological site where the bones of a cave bear were found. Hop into a boat and take a guided tour through its magnificent interior.

Escape into nature on horseback

There’s nothing more beautiful for horse lovers than riding in wonderful nature! Visit the plains of the Ljubljana Marshes as you listen to the calming rhythm of horse hooves. Relax and admire the nature and plant and animal species in the Škocjanski Zatok Nature Reserve near Koper. You can also explore the world of the Pivka Intermittent Lakes on Icelandic horses. In some places, you can even see the beauty of unspoilt nature as you journey in a horse-drawn carriage.

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