On the trail across green Slovenia

Slovenia is a paradise for hikers in every season of the year. It is criss-crossed by more than 10,000 kilometres of marked and maintained hiking trails. Set off into the mountains and enjoy the views from the soaring peaks, or walk across dreamy plains and rolling hills. The old passes used by hunters and herdsmen and today mainly frequented by chamois and mountain guides are a true challenge for enthusiasts seeking out-of-the-way corners of the mountains.


If you would prefer to strike out a little further on foot, then choose one of the long-distance paths that cross Slovenia. The country boasts more than 700 different themed trails stretching from the Adriatic coast to the high mountains. Discover them at hiking festivals and events, of which there is no shortage in Slovenia. Take part in organised hikes, attend a safe mountain and hill walking school or simply enjoy the wide range of accompanying events.

From blooming Brda to the crystal-clear Soča

Start your hiking season in the idyllic surroundings of Goriška Brda! From April to June the Spring Hiking Festival offers a wide range of active experiences and the chance to discover local specialities. Breathe in the intoxicating scent of the flowering cherry trees and enjoy views of the Alps and the Adriatic. 

If you wish to be closer to the sea, but still enjoy views from the hills, take part in spring and autumn weekly hikes on the Istria trails. In addition to wonderful vistas of the sea, you will also be able to try local delights of Istrian cuisine and invigorating Primorska wine.

Discover the beauty of autumn nature and monuments of the past along the emerald River Soča with experienced guides on the Hiking Festival in the Soča Valley.

Following the bear's pawprints into the forests of Kočevje

In April you can enjoy an unforgettable adventure in the heart of the forests of the Kočevje region. Set off along the 61 km Rog Hiking Trail through Kočevski Rog and enjoy the unspoilt nature, peace and silence of Slovenia's biggest forest. The trail, which is marked by bear pawprint symbols, leads you past virgin forest and the ruins of long-abandoned villages once inhabited by the Gottschee Germans. The wonderful landscape will leave no one unmoved.

Only a few kilometres away from the capital, Ljubljana, you can venture on trails of the Rakitna Plateau and the Krim mountain range. Discover the beauty of these popular hiking spots in spring (23 to 25 May) and autumn (5 to 7 September) hiking weeks.

Let the beautiful Alps welcome you into their embrace

Fall in love with the wonderful world of Alpine peaks and valleys. You will be inspired by the idyllic valleys on the threshold of the Kamnik–Savinja Alps, where life is still in perfect harmony with nature. Join hiking lovers on group hikes organised as part of the Hiking Festival in the Kamnik–Savinja Alps at the end of June. 

Let the beauty of Bohinj enchant you. Admire the powerful Alpine peaks, reflecting in the largest Slovenian natural lake. During the International Wild Flower Festival, join guided botanical tours where you will learn about the abundance of the Alpine flora in Bohinj mountains.

In autumn, join hikers on guided tours during the Bohinj Hiking Festival and discover the fairy-tale idyll of this Alpine valley.

Trails and flavours

Combine an active experience with the tasting of local delicacies. See the natural and cultural heritage sights of the Posavje region at the Spring Posavje Hiking/Biking Festival of thematic trails or indulge in the tasting of delicacies of the Posavje cuisine at the Autumn Festival of Hiking and Gastronomic Experiences.

Visit the Maribor district and join hikers on the monthly Vinotour Nordic walking trail, where you will discover the winemaking tradition of the surrounding hills. 

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