Thermal Paradise – my way

Are you fed up with everything and looking for some peace and relaxation? Give your body and mind a total escape. Visit a Slovenian spa and stay overnight in luxurious glamping accommodations rather than hotel rooms. Be comfortable and in harmony with nature. Treat yourself to a bit of spa paradise that is completely yours, where birdsong awakens you in the morning, a basket of local delicacies is your breakfast and you can relax under a starry sky. During your stay, you can enjoy a wide range of spa experiences — from wellness pampering to splashy fun in pools and mineral springs water parks.

Completely relaxed at Olimia Spa

Discover a world of comfort in lush, green surroundings. Adria Village Glamping at Olimia Spa will put the icing on the cake of pampering your body and soul in the luxurious wellness centre or fun at the water park. The murmuring brooks and pathways that run between the luxurious tents with private little pools and cosy fireplaces for the evening socialising create a charming and attractive ambience.

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Spend the night in wine barrels at Ptuj Spa

The area surrounding Ptuj is covered with vineyards, and the wine-growing tradition has a special place at Ptuj Spa. In Vinska Vas (Wine Village) you can experience the magic of staying in real wine barrels, adapted into comfortable bedrooms. Spend the day in the style of the ancient Romans while the children play in the water park in the company of the Roman soldier Primus. In the evening, sum up your impressions near a cosy fireplace in front of your comfortable wine barrels under the stars.

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The aroma of buckwheat at Spa 3000

Did you know that buckwheat has been cultivated in Prekmurje for more than 500 years? The story of this local grain is a common theme at Spa 3000 in Moravske Toplice. It is also featured in Prekmurska Vas Ajda (Prekmurje Buckwheat Village) with pleasant glamping in cosy little cabins modelled on traditional Prekmurje houses. In the mornings, you will awaken to the sounds of storks, the buzzing of bees and the gurgling of dark water from hot mineral springs inviting you to be pampered. Just a stone’s throw away is a water park offering fun for the kids. In the evenings when you are pleasantly tired from bathing, pillows filled with buckwheat hulls will lull you to sleep.

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Among pirates and Native Americans at Čatež Spa

Looking for the right place for a family holiday adventure? Visit Čatež Spa, where unforgettable water adventures await you at the largest Thermal Riviera in Slovenia. When you get tired, you can sleep in a Native American tepee or floating pirate cottage, where total comfort is assured.

Caressed by the sun at Bioterme Spa in Mala Nedelja

Feel your connection with nature throughout your stay in Sončna Dolina (Sunny Valley) at Bioterme Spa in Mala Nedelja, where a green mentality runs through everything. Glamping cabins and tents will pamper you with all the comfort you require. These offer views of the green woods, while relaxation and spa pleasures are only a few steps away.

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Sweet dreams in paradise

At Paradiso Spa your dreams can come true. Come to Medena Vas (Honey Village) and chose your luxury bee house to stay in for a relaxing and memorable holiday. When you wake up in the morning, a basket of local delicacies will be waiting to provide you with energy for a day of spa experiences.

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Ready for a spa break?

Pack your suitcases and leave your worries at home. A Slovenian spa will provide you with fresh energy and complete relaxation in soothing, green natural surroundings.

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