Bikers will also get their fair share of enjoyment in Slovenia while riding through the picturesque countryside. You can decide on family cycling on level terrain, while more enthusiastic bikers can try to conquer slopes which will reward them with beautiful views.

The well-developed network of biking trails will lead you through natural and cultural sites. Take a ride along special biking trails where you will learn about the original features of Slovenian regions.

Drava Biking Trail

Look for cycling thrills on the international Drava Biking Trail. The Slovenian part of the trail will take you from Koroška past Maribor and the oldest Slovenian city Ptuj to Ormož. Along the way, you will learn about the castles of the Drava Valley and stories about rafters, and discover monuments from the Ancient Roman times. Take a breather by the oldest vine in the world and have a taste of local delicacies and wine.

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Experience the Slovenian sea coast by biking along the Parenzana, a biking trail running along the former railway line between Trieste and Poreč. Make a stop along the way in picturesque Slovenian coastal towns – the sunny Koper, the fishing town Izola or romantic Piran. Take a breather in the landscape parks Škocjan Inlet and Sečovlje Saltworks. Explore the hinterland of Istria and local delicacies.

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Trans Slovenia 1

Experience the exceptional diversity of the Trans Slovenia 01 mountain biking trail, which connects three countries – Slovenia, Italy and Austria. The trail will take you from the Julian Alps through the picturesque Soča Valley to the green hills of the Brda region, and then through the Vipava Valley and across the mysterious Karst to the coast. Awaiting you along the trail are local delicacies, and interesting and sometimes shocking traces of the past.

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Trans Karawanks

The Karawanks are the longest mountain range in Slovenia. The biking trail running across the 120-kilometre long massif enables you to enjoy exceptional views, peace and genuine touch with nature. Mountain and forest trails and dirt roads are perfect for mountain bikers, while you can also take a trekking bike for a ride around the Karawanks. Treat yourself with a unique biking experience on the way from Dravograd to the tri-border above Rateče.

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Slovenian Bicycle Touring Trail

Do you like bicycle touring challenges? Take a ride across the major mountain groups along the Slovenian Bicycle Touring Path. In a total of 1,800 kilometres, you will conquer a total of 50,000 metres of altitude difference.  Along the way you will learn about a number of events from mountaineering, ethnographic and technical history. The path runs past a total of 109 check points, where you can make a stop and regain your strength in one of the mountain lodges.

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Pohorje Cycling Transversal

Discover the beautiful countryside of Pohorje on a bicycle! Enjoy a pleasant ride between Maribor and Slovenj Gradec along forest paths and dirt roads. Pleasant temperatures and the freshness of mountain air will guarantee you enjoyable discoveries of numerous interesting sites. Meet the world of raised bogs and glades, river rapids and other natural wonders.

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Via Bela Krajina

The diverse countryside of Bela Krajina offers numerous opportunities for family biking or for those who like to test themselves on more demanding trails. The biking trail across Bela Krajina takes you among the white birches and wine-growing hills all the way to the green beauty of Bela Krajina – the river Kolpa, which offers pleasant refreshment in the summer time. Get to know the character of Bela Krajina through local cuisine and customs too.

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Make a turn to other paths too

Discover the beauty of Goričko Nature Park and pick one of the thematic trails which run through hills and plains, forests and vineyards. The biking trail from Mojstrana to Rateče will take you along the Upper Sava Valley under magnificent Alpine peaks past Kranjska Gora, the Zelenci Nature Park close to the Planica Nordic Centre. Take a bike ride along the emerald green river Soča on the Solkan Biking Trail.

The Most Beautiful Biking Trails

It doesn’t matter whether you join as a cyclist or a spectator – just come to the race and you’ll have fun either way.

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Take a bike trip

Do you love road cycling or do you prefer mountain paths? Do you cycle with your family or do you want to boost your heartbeat with a more adrenaline-filled ride? Biking trails in Slovenia can satisfy any taste.

Get to know the cycling side of Slovenia

Socialise at cycling events across Slovenia!

Get to know the cycling side of Slovenia


Mountain biking

Numerous trails intended for mountain biking are suitable for beginners and world-class cyclists.

Mountain biking


Family biking

You can bike with your children on forest trails or on special biking trails. Many trails are suitable for the entire family.

Family biking


Bike parks

Visit numerous bike parks in Slovenia: Kranjska Gora, Krvavec, Cerkno, Vogel, Pohorje, Golte, Rogla.

Bike parks


Stories from Slovenia

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