Full of adrenaline and new experiences

Beginners and professionals will be happy to ride on the biking trails in the many bike parks


The Golte Bike Park is located on a part of the Medvedjak ski slope and on the family trail.

Bikers can arrive at the Golte Hotel by cableway or by car. Next to the hotel is the Medvedjak three-person chairlift, which will take you to the starting point of the bike park.

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Six different forest trails with various levels of difficulty and elements known to every true downhill cyclist. There are two very difficult Super Flow trails, full of jumps, drops, and quick bends. Even though the Bike Park offers an adrenaline shot to the most extreme bikers, it is also suitable for beginners.

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The Ljubljana Bike Park is intended for all lovers of mountain biking. The course consists of multiple trails that run on dirt and across wooden obstacles. Check and perfect your knowledge of balance, turning, overcoming various elements, etc.

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Robidišče Trail Centre

In the westernmost village in Slovenia, embark on a daring adventure at the attractive Robidišče Trail Centre. Get your adrenaline pumping by descending five handcrafted trails that end above the emerald pools of the Nadiža river. Every biker – from young hopefuls and beginners to daredevil riders – will find a trail to their taste.

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