Experience Velika Planina

Place: Kamnik Season: Summer Active time: More than one day Number of people: 2 - 6
*Guaranteed to take place if at least 2 people register.
Guided tour Language: Slovenian, English Type of experience: Outdoor, Taste Slovenia Contact:
Btravel, družba za organizacijo potovanj, d.o.o.
Ekslerjeva ulica 8
1241 Kamnik
+ 386 51 257 793, + 386 41 651 881
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Experience Velika Planina

An experience that reveals the rich pastoral heritage of the Velika Planina plateau and offers a comfortable break and a modern culinary experience in the tradition of one of the most well-preserved pastoral plateaus in Europe.

Slovenia unique experience

A retreat to a pastoral paradise at Velika Planina

Experience the Velika Planina plateau and its rich pastoral tradition combined with the modern cuisine of a local master chef and a stay in a luxurious, modern shepherd's hut. Try your hand at milking a cow and making trnič, the famous "cheese of love" from Velika Planina.

Velika Planina then and now

Velika Planina is considered one of the most beautiful Slovenian plateaus, where a rich pastoral tradition is still maintained. You can experience the idyll of pastoral life through a two-day cultural and culinary experience. You will learn about the typical day of a shepherd on the plateau as well as the charm of staying in traditional huts converted into modern accommodation facilities, and gastronomic pampering with local flavours prepared in a modern and innovative way.

Shepherds and local guides will show you how shepherds worked then and now, show you how a cow is milked and how trnič, the typical cheese of Velika Planina that shepherds used to give to their sweethearts, is made from that milk. Of course, you can try your hand at both activities. In the evening, a unique surprise awaits you in the comfort of boutique shepherd huts - a private dinner prepared by a top-level local chef, who will create for you a culinary experience combining the traditional flavours of Velika Planina and modern creativity. Once you experience the idyll of Velika Planina, you will always want to come back.

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What to expect from the experience:

Day 1

  • Reception of guests at the Kamnik Tourist Information Centre. A visit to the interpretation centre and learning about the natural and cultural sights of Velika Planina through an audio-visual experience. Optional tasting of Rušovec, traditional spirits made of mountain pine cones and tips.
  • Transport to the cable car to Velika Planina. A local guide and one of the shepherds from Velika Planina will accompany you to the cable car and chairlift. Climb to Velika Planina.
  • A shepherd's meal on the terrace of the Zeleni Rob restaurant, where you can enjoy the magnificent view.
  • A stay in a traditional shepherd hut converted into a modern boutique accommodation facility. Free time for rest.
  • A tour of the shepherds' village with a visit to the Preskar Museum, the Zabrška Bajta hut and the Chapel of Saint Mary Major.
  • An afternoon shepherd's meal in the Gradišek shepherd's hut.
  • A presentation of a typical shepherd's day. Workshops on milking cows and making trnič cheese.
  • Return to the boutique hut and free time for rest.
  • A visit by a local chef, who will prepare a delicious dinner with the traditional flavours of Velika Planina and a touch of innovation. Dinner in the private ambience of idyllic shepherd huts.

 Day 2

  • Shepherd's breakfast in the boutique hut.
  • Return to the valley by chairlift and cable car or, if you wish, a day spent at Velika Planina on your own.

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Schedule: from June to August

Location: Kamnik and Velika Planina

Price: EUR 692/person for 2 persons; EUR 544/person for 3 persons; EUR 489/person for 4 persons; EUR 465/person for 5 persons; EUR 449/person for 6 persons.

The price includes:

  • 1x overnight stay with shepherd's breakfast
  • internal transportation as part of the programme
  • return ticket for the cable car to Velika Planina
  • 1x shepherd's snack
  • 1x afternoon shepherd's snack
  • 1x entry to the Preskarjeva Bajta museum
  • 1x cow milking workshop
  • 1x traditional dinner prepared by a private chef
  • 1x trnič cheese making workshop

More about the experience

Let the pastoral Velika Planina take root in your heart!

Experience the idyllic Velika Planina and embark on an interactive culinary and cultural experience on shepherds' trails in one of the most well-preserved shepherd settlements in Europe.

Btravel, družba za organizacijo potovanj, d.o.o.
Ekslerjeva ulica 8
1241 Kamnik
+ 386 51 257 793, + 386 41 651 881


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Did you know?

The cable car to Velika Planina is the longest cable car in Europe without support pillars. It takes you to Velika Planina in only five minutes.

Snow can be found in the karst sinkholes at Velika Planina even in the warmest summer months. In the past, shepherds used them on hot days to cool food.

The Preskarjeva Bajta museum is protected as a cultural monument of local importance.

In the spring months, Velika Planina turns purple because of the saffron that grows on its slopes.

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