Adrenaline-pumping mountain bike descent on the Black Hole Trail

Place: Mežica Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter Active time: From a few hours up to a whole day, 4–5 hours Number of people: 2 - 8
*Guaranteed to take place if at least 2 people register.
Guided tour Language: Slovenian, English, German Type of experience: Outdoor Contact:
Podzemlje Pece, turistični rudnik in muzej
Glančnik 8
2392 Mežica
+386 (0)2 870 01 80
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Adrenaline-pumping mountain bike descent on the Black Hole Trail

Feel the adrenaline rush of a mountain bike ride through the abandoned tunnels of the Mežica Mine under Mount Peca.

Slovenia unique experience

A new dimension of underground cycling in the bowels of Mount Peca

The Black Hole Trail is an adrenaline-pumping mountain-bike trail through the abandoned tunnels of the more than 350-year-old lead and zinc mine, which has maintained its authenticity. No human walked here for more than 25 years from the closure of the mine to the day the construction of the trail began. This underground mountain biking trail's difficulty grade is black, which means that it is only suitable for very experienced mountain bikers who are used to riding on technically very difficult terrain. The trail extends through five horizons of the mine and descends approximately 150 metres. But don't worry. If you find a part of the trail is too difficult for you, you can always traverse it on foot.

Course of the experience:

  • meeting with an experienced mountain-biking guide at the Info Centre Karavanke/Karawanken of the UNESCO Global Geopark, and the distribution of strong cycling lights.
  • transport to the mine entrance in the former mining village of Helena in Črna na Koroškem  
  • a guided mountain bike ride on the Black Hole trail and return to the Info Centre  
  • a guided tour of the mining museum and its many interesting collections. 


Starting point: Info Centre Geopark Karavanke/Karawanken, Glančnik 8, Mežica

Price: 75€/person

The price includes:

  • equipment (a strong cycling light),
  • transport to the mine entrance,
  •  a guided tour of the mine and the mining museum.  

Please note!

The trail's difficulty grade is black, so the experience is not suitable for beginners and mountain bikers who are not used to riding on very difficult terrain.

The minimum age is 15 years (minors must be accompanied by parents or guardians). 

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Podzemlje Pece, turistični rudnik in muzej
Glančnik 8
2392 Mežica
+386 (0)2 870 01 80


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Did you know?

This mountain biking experience was designed in close cooperation with former miners. It takes place in the largest metal mine in Slovenia, which was also one of the last operating metal mines in this part of Europe.

In the more than 350 years of operation of the Mežica mine, miners dug more than a thousand kilometres of shafts and tunnels under Mount Peca. Visitors to the mine are driven through the tunnels by the same train that used to drive miners to work.

While the levels in a building are called floors, mine levels are called horizons. The vertical distance between two horizons is 20 to 40 metres. They are counted from the ground level down, in the order they were built.

The Mežica Mine is part of the cross-border Karawanken-Karavanke UNESCO Global Geopark. The area is known for its many mineral and fossil sites. Ammonites, the ancestors of today's cuttlefish, squids and octopuses, and ichthyosaurs, aquatic reptiles, used to live here.

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