Mushrooming with Dr. Fungi

Place: Ig Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter Active time: From a few hours up to a whole day, 4 hours Number of people: 2 - 12
*Guaranteed to take place if at least 2 people register.
Guided tour Language: English Type of experience: Outdoor Contact:
Lifetime experience
Iška 16c
1292 Ig
+386 41 377 030
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Mushrooming with Dr. Fungi

A woodland adventure where you will learn all you need to know about mushrooms while relaxing and having fun.

Slovenia unique experience

Enter the enchanting world of the mushroom kingdom, a world where you will get to know the five most common edible mushrooms in Slovenia, depending on the season: chanterelles, porcini, saffron milk caps, parasol mushrooms and bay boletes. Guided by a licensed mycologist, whose passion and way of life is mushrooming, you will learn the art of identifying both edible and poisonous varieties while unravelling their fascinating life cycles. As you explore the forest, you will come across wild herbs and learn about their medicinal properties. This hike is not just about learning; it is a unique form of relaxation that engages all your senses and brings out a playful, childlike joy as you hunt for the forest's hidden "treasures." By the end of your adventure, armed with new mycological knowledge and a pleasantly relaxed mind, you will understand the sheer joy of mushroom picking and you will be instantly hooked!

What to expect from the experience:

  • Begin with a rendezvous with your expert guide – a mycologist – and a scenic drive into the heart of the forest.
  • Gather in a forest clearing for a cleansing ritual with pine resin incense or white sage.
  • Meet for a delightful break, sip herbal tea and nibble on honeybreads. Listen to a short presentation about the rich tradition of mushroom picking in Slovenia, and learn about local legislation and forest etiquette.
  • Get equipped with mushroom baskets and knives, carefully distributed by the guide. Take an active part in the ancient practice of mushroom foraging and help spread the spores. The guide will protect guests by repelling ticks and mosquitoes with refreshing rosemary water.
  • Experience the thrill of foraging different types of mushrooms, as the guide distinguishes between edible and poisonous types. Guests are then challenged to spot specific mushrooms and identify lesser-known species found on the walk. 
  • Exploring the forest acts as a natural spa, inviting you to relax and immerse yourself in the mysterious life of trees, plants, and mushrooms. When foraging mushrooms, it is often necessary to slow down and engage your senses to identify mushrooms for your own safety.  
  • Finish off your adventure with an authentic mushroom lunch at the local restaurant Mars. Take part in discussions about medicinal mushrooms and listen to a presentation about the “forest laboratory”. Your guide will introduce you to natural remedies and elixirs made from medicinal mushrooms. These are available as tinctures and oils.

dr fungi_gobarjenje

Schedule: All year round

Starting point: Center Ig, Banija 4, 1292 Ig

Price: from 122 EUR/person 

The price includes:

  • Transportation from the meeting point to the secret mushroom haven.
  • A refreshing break with herbal tea, water and a sweet snack.
  • Guided forest tour with expert instruction on edible, medicinal and poisonous mushrooms and wild herbs.
  • Mushroom lunch at the charming local restaurant Mars.
  • A demonstration at the 'forest laboratory', showcasing oils and tinctures made from local medicinal mushrooms and wild herbs.
  • A practical gift.

Recommended clothing and footwear: Wear comfortable sportswear and footwear (trainers or hiking shoes) for relaxed and easy movement in the forest. Bring warm clothing and a raincoat if the weather turns chilly or wet.

Warning: Never pick mushrooms you are not familiar with.

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Lifetime experience
Iška 16c
1292 Ig
+386 41 377 030


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Did you know?

Slovenia boasts over 3,300 recorded mushroom species and new ones are discovered every year. Keep an eye out for fairy rings – mysterious circles where mushrooms often grow.

Mushrooms belong to the kingdom of fungi and play a crucial role in our ecosystem. They excel at decomposing waste and returning useful nutrients to the soil.

Mushrooms are just the reproductive organ or fruit of a much larger organism – a fungus. Hidden underground the fungus takes the form of a mycelium, making some fungi some of the largest living organisms on Earth. Some fungi are among the largest living organisms on Earth.

Surprisingly, fungi share 50% of our DNA, making their genetic makeup more similar to humans than to plants.

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