Slovenia has more than 1200 km of railways. The main railways crossing Slovenia connect Austria and Italy, Austria and Croatia, and Italy and Hungary. Regional railways lead to all regions of Slovenia, and the most attractive ones are surely those connecting the Julian Alps and the Adriatic coast. Special experiences are offered mainly by e.g. the Bohinj Railway, which runs through no less than 28 tunnels, 5 galleries, and over 65 bridges!

Special features of the Bohinj Railway

When the Bohinj Railway, the shortest railway route from central Europe to the Adriatic Sea (from Prague to Trieste), the Bohinj Tunnel was created for it in 1904. This is still the longest railway tunnel in Slovenia today (6327 m).

An even more attractive special feature is the bridge across the River Soča near Solkan. The Solkan Bridge is the largest stone railway bridge in the world! Its main arch, with an 85-metre span, was built in 1906. It includes 4533 limestone blocks from nearby Nabrežina, close to Trieste. These blocks are interconnected with thin cement mortar layers. During World War I, this las, and also largest, stone giant among bridges was damaged; it was renovated in 1927.

The Karst Railway also connects to the Bohinj Railway. On this railway line, you can find the steepest section of the Slovenian railway network when you are headed towards Štanjel. Here, trains ascend a slope with a 1 in 26 incline.

As a part of the Path of Peace from the Alps to the Adriatic – World War I Heritage, the Bohinj Railway is entered in the tentative UNESCO World Heritage List.

Experience the railway

The most beautiful experience on the Bohinj Railway is a ride on the museum train. During this nearly 2-hour train ride that begins in Bohinj, guides and entertainment personnel will help you to experience a true historical adventure and enjoy the beautiful landscape. If you wish, after the ride has ended, you can continue your trip to the Brda Hills, the land of luscious smells and tastes, which is also one of the European Destinations of Excellence in Slovenia.

Slovenian Railways also connect the ride on the Bohinj railway line with other day-trip destinations, and the train can even be hired on special occasions. For a wedding, for example!

The museum train as well as other special trains also take you to other attractive destinations in Slovenia. Check train experiences!

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