A landscape of subterranean worlds

Slovenia is a karstic land, and it was the Slovenian Karst that lent its name to karst landscapes and phenomena across the world, for it was here that scientists first explained numerous karst features. Speleologists discover new caves in Slovenia every year, which amount to more than 8,000 by now, but only about 20 of them are show caves. The largest and most visited is Postojna Cave, the home of the human fish. Škocjan Caves, a natural and cultural site inscribed on the UNESCO world heritage list, continue to impress visitors with their unique beauty.

Vilenica is the oldest show cave in Europe, and Križna Jama cave delights with its underground lakes. Postojna Cave is connected through passages with Pivka Cave, Black Cave, Planina Cave (Planinska jama), Otok Cave (Otoška Jama), the cave under the Predjama Castle and many others.

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