Turn off all of your devices and switch on your heart!

The constant ringing of your telephone, a flood of e-mails, bombardment with information, twisted perceptions of life, and the feeling that we are turning into robots – have you had enough? It’s time to unplug. Literally. No electricity, no technology. Only you and primeval nature. Where telephones are replaced by bird song, the tinkling of a stream, where wonderful vistas of true natural beauty appear right before you, and where you can ‘feel the weight fall off your shoulders’. It is time to visit Slovenia and enjoy experiences where all of this is a priority.

Three, two, one ... unplug!

Are you ready to experience the world in a completely unique way? Forget about your daily troubles and enjoy some fun in nature, in touch with life as it is meant to be.

Actively unplugging in the embrace of the River Soča

Replace your electronic devices with a kayak, a raft, a bicycle, or hiking shoes, and enjoy unforgettable adventures in the Soča Valley. May you be driven by adrenaline as you go down the whitewater of the river or glide through the air above this picturesque mountain landscape. Fill your lungs with fresh air as you cycle or hike through the heart of the Triglav National Park and the Julian Alps. Feel the freshness and the pure natural energy that captivates you when you visit the Kozjak Waterfall and the stunning Tolmin Gorges. Make time stand still as you visit the Trenta Valley, follow the footprints of the Soča (Isonzo) Front, and discover the secrets of traditional local cheese-making. The Soča Valley is also recommended for a digital getaway by European Best Destinations.

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Take a breath of fresh air before diving into your new work week

Don’t think you have enough time to relax and unplug? Take advantage of the weekend by easing your worries and exploring beautiful Bela Krajina and the Karst. Put your phones down. Focus on yourselves and try to find inner balance. Explore your surroundings and its natural elements. Be creative at culinary workshops. Spend the night in luxury cottages or a nice farm. Choose how you want to unplug with the help of special digital detox experiences.

Do you know how to survive in the great outdoors?

We know a great place where you can learn this. The vast forests of Kočevsko still conceal untouched areas where you can test how you do without any technological devices. Find water yourselves and forage for food in nature, start a fire without a lighter, build simple shelters, and create tools using natural materials which are at hand, and follow the footsteps of forest animals and beasts. Feel the mighty power of nature and discover your true essence.

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Without electricity and with a whiff of the sea

As you visit quaint little Istrian villages, you will be tempted to make time stand still and live like they used to. Without unnecessary stress and rushing. In harmony with nature. You can at least partly make your dreams come true just 15 minutes from Koper. The picturesque Holiday Houses in Slovenian Istria will take you back to the time of ‘šavrinke’, Istrian women who once went to major coastal towns to sell their products. You won’t find plugs here, but traditional furniture and items once used by šavrinke women. In the morning, you will wake up to a stunning view of the sea and a true Istrian breakfast.

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Escape the concrete jungle into the embrace of the mountains

If you are looking for a perfect mountain getaway, far from the city hustle and bustle, then you should head to Jezersko. The area is abundant in natural beauty. Here, you can find Villa Planinka, which will allow you to find freedom from everyday worries and seek inner balance. The area is known for the gentle sounds of nature, your lungs will be filled with fresh mountain air, and your eyes can rest on green meadows and forests. You can feel the power of nature at energy points in the villa garden or next to a nearby lake mineral water source.

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Perfect gift to yourselves

Nature is our greatest ally in seeking inner balance. Experience this on your own skin in the shelter of the forests of Cerkljansko. Enjoy some forest selfness. Feel the pine needles under your bare feet, discover buttermilk, an elixir of youth and beauty, and cleanse your body with brown clay. Relax your thoughts as you listen to the unique symphony of nature – the rustling of tree tops in the wind, the murmuring of streams, and the singing of birds.

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Focus on yourself

You are the most important person in your life, so it is only right for you to take care of your inner balance. However, in today's pace of life, this balance is often disrupted, so you have to sometimes take some time for yourself and breathe with your chest filled with fresh air. Be revitalised by staying in unspoilt nature or find better ways for holistic relaxation in Slovenia's spas and health resorts.

Slovenia through the eyes of visitors

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