Choose an unforgettable gastronomic experience

In Slovenia, there are plenty of opportunities to experience traditional and modern Slovenian cuisine in a very special way. Add a touch of Slovenian creativity to your lunch or dinner and delight your nearest and dearest with unusual culinary experiences. Treat yourself to a tasty meal high above the town and surrounded by amazing views of the mountains and valleys below. Experience an unforgettable train ride. Feel like royalty and spoil yourself with a genuine royal feast. Learn about local delicacies on a culinary trail and visit osmica wineries.

High above the ground

Have you ever dined high above the ground? At the Krvavec Ski Resort, surrounded by the Kamnik and Savinja Alps, cable cars turn into real boutique mobile restaurants. Enjoy a world-class dinner served in two courses, one on the way up and one on the way down. An unforgettable culinary event in the air awaits you in Ljubljana too. Sit at a table 50 m above the ground, taste top-quality dishes and excellent wines, and absorb an unforgettable bird's-eye view of the Slovenian capital.

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Outstanding train restaurant

Experience an unforgettable culinary journey on a museum train. During a ride on the over one-hundred-year-old Bohinj railway which connects two beautiful Alpine valleys – Bohinj and the Soča Valley, students of the Higher Vocational College for Hospitality and Tourism Bled will spoil you with local culinary delights. You will also be able to enjoy a view of the picturesque mountains along the track. For the icing on the cake, you are in for a trip to Brda where, in addition to the idyllic vineyard and fruit tree-dotted landscape, you will be charmed by excellent wines and dishes.

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Meet me on the street

Come to a culinary date in the open air. Enter a special “restaurant” at Pogačarjev trg Square in Ljubljana where you will be welcomed with a wide range of tastes from around Slovenia. From early spring to late autumn, the Open Kitchen attracts many lovers of good food and relaxed gatherings among its stalls. The culinary market also occasionally visits Celje, Koper and Nova Gorica.

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Supreme cuisine deep underground

Are you curious about the combination of a robust mining environment and sophisticated and innovative cuisine? Experience this unusual mix in the deepest underground dining room in Slovenia. Descend 160 metres underground in the former Velenje coal mine which is now a museum. Sit at the table and enjoy selected masterpieces created by the chefs of one of the best Slovenian restaurants, Vila Herberstein.

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Visit osmica wineries

During your visit to Mediterranean Slovenia, follow the signposts marked with an ivy bouquet and stop at an osmica winery. The tradition of osmica wineries dates back to the time of Empress Maria Theresa when farmers could sell the surplus of their products without paying taxes for eight days in a year. Today, you can taste various local wines, prosciutto and other traditional food of this region at osmica wineries in the Karst, the Vipava Valley and in Slovenian Istria.

Travel from dish to dish

Can you imagine eating individual courses of your lunch or dinner in different restaurants? Embark on such a culinary journey in Kranjska Gora where you will enjoy each of the five courses at a different location. You can learn about local culinary treats in a slightly different way on thematic culinary trails around Rogla where you can stop at tourist farms and inns.


Get to know traditional Slovenian cuisine and customs in a fun way. Take a culinary tour of the capital Ljubljana or the idyllic Bled. Go to an authentic Slovenian restaurant and enjoy a lunch among the locals.

Eat like noblemen

Go back to the time of noblemen, knights and court ladies-in-waiting, and treat yourself to a royal feast in certain Slovenian castles. At Bled Castle, enjoy an astonishing view of Lake Bled and the surrounding peaks while dining. Enjoy a unique experience of a medieval feast at Sevnica Castle where you will drink from clay cups and eat with your hands from a straw table. A knight-style meal without cutlery is also served at Strmol Castle. Enjoy a different Sunday lunch and taste a royal feast with a modern twist at Ljubljana Castle.

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