City tours with a twist

You can tour many Slovenian towns and cities with a local tour guide. These guides will show you their greatest jewels and share interesting stories about how locals used to live and how they live now. You can tour some cities located by rivers or on the coast from the water perspective too – in tourist boats, traditional rafts, or on modern stand-up paddle boards. You can take these guided tours by bicycle and ride past the sights. And some tours will be even more memorable due to their unusual character and unique concept. We offer some exciting opportunities to experience towns and cities in a unique way.

A moustache-themed tour of Ljubljana

Learn about Ljubljana through the eyes of an architect, an author, and a painter. Take your bike and go on a tour learning about the masterpieces of three great moustached artists – Jože Plečnik, Ivan Cankar, and Rihard Jakopič. Each of these men marked Slovenia’s capital in their own way. This moustache tour of Ljubljana is available for groups or pairs. Meeting times are every Friday at three!

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Foto: Boris Voglar

A journey to Ptuj's Roman period

In the oldest town in Slovenia, Ptuj, the main attractions and mysteries of the town’s history will be revealed by no other than the ancient Romans. Take a walk discovering the traces of the Roman town of Petoviona in the company of guides wearing clothing that is a replica of the clothing worn in the Antiquity, and learn how people in Ptuj lived 1,950 years ago. There’s also something for wine lovers, who can enjoy a Roman version of wine, enriched with herbs and spices.

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In Kranj's underground

Did you know that under the picturesque old town centre of Kranj there is a hidden network of underground tunnels? In World War II, these were used as the town shelter, but today they are the centre of various experiences. Experience a simulation of an air strike accompanied by a local guide, see interesting cave formations, similar to the ones found in natural caves, and learn about the rare cave animals that live in these tunnels. You can explore the tunnels of Kranj every Tuesday and Friday afternoon. The tours are available for groups or pairs.

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In the footsteps of General Maister in Maribor

A mighty moustache, incredible courage, and a patriotic heart – these are the virtues of General Rudolf Maister, one of the significant personalities related to the Slovenian national identity, to whom a national holiday is also devoted. The year 2018 is also devoted to this incredible general, who was also a poet; it has been 100 years since he marched into Maribor. Travel back to Maister’s time as you take a guided tour around Maribor. Learn about Maister's life and his role in history, and at the end also taste the beer made in the artisan Maister Brewery.

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Visit the Old Castle in Celje in the company of a knight and a lady

The medieval Old Castle, full of interesting stories, legends, and mysteries, proudly towers above the town of Celje. Learn about them from guides in costume, a knight and a lady. They will take you to rooms in which knights and castle staff lived centuries ago, and they will even take you to the sinister Friderik Tower where the castle dungeon was. You can also couple your exploration of castle life with a tour of the old town centre of Celje.

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A retro stroll through “Tito's” Velenje

Go back to the recent past and learn about how life once was in Velenje, a town once dubbed “the socialist miracle.” On this retro stroll through the town, you can relive stories and explore the remnants of socialism, of a time when this youngest town in Slovenia was created. You can make your walk through the town even better by enjoying a unique, nostalgic, and fun experience, through which you can learn how generations grew up during socialism.

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Novo Mesto from the water

Although you can explore local attractions from the river perspective in many towns and cities, experiencing Novo Mesto from the River Krka is something special. Take Rudolf's raft past the old town centre and see Breg, the most picturesque part of town, and float past a cliff on which a Franciscan Monastery is perched. While on the raft, in addition to exploring the attractions of Novo Mesto, you can also taste true Cviček wine from the Dolenjska region, and you’ll be entertained by an accordion player.

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