Let’s sit outside

Summer is the time when summer gardens and terraces come to life. What could be more enjoyable than eating your meal outdoors? In addition to enjoying your food, you can also admire the view, unique ambience and pleasant atmosphere, which conjure up a perfect gastronomic experience. You can find numerous summer gardens and terraces in Slovenian towns and countryside. We have prepared a few suggestions about where to go for lunch or dinner, and where, in addition to the very best food, you will also find a beautiful summer garden or terrace.

Photo: Vedran Tomšič

A view from the castle onto the lake

If you wish to upgrade your fine dining experience with a magnificent view, visit the restaurant at Bled Castle. From the castle terrace, you can enjoy a wonderful view of Lake Bled, its green surroundings and Alpine peaks, giving Bled an outstanding backdrop. Surrounded with the beauty of nature and impressive castle ambience, you will certainly enjoy every bite and every sip.

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Photo: Peter Irman

The capital in the palm of your hand

Would you like to eat something delicious high above the Slovenian capital? You will have an excellent view from Ljubljana Castle of the entire Ljubljana. The two restaurants located behind castle walls, Strelec and Gostilna na gradu, serve selected dishes, which combine traditional cuisine with modern trends.

Gourmet dreams in the Vipava Valley

Would you like to conjure up a genuine gastronomic fairy tale? Experience it at the Zemono Manor, which rises above the Vipava Valley and offers exceptional views of the landscape scattered with vineyards. Sit in the garden of the manor restaurant and soak up the beauty of the moment while enjoying selected dishes in the charming surroundings. You will be impressed with the combination of the fruits of the Vipava Valley and innovativeness of Tomaž Kavčič.

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Glamour by the sea

Enjoy a one-of-a-kind gastronomic journey by the sea. In the Mediterranean garden of the Sophia restaurant of the Kempinski Palace, you can find a peaceful haven in lively Portorož, where you will be spoilt with supreme dishes and a rich selection of high-quality wines. The sea air and Mediterranean greenery surrounding you will make your intimate gourmet pleasures even more perfect.

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Pleasant moments in the embrace of the Slovenske Gorice Hills

When you travel to the hilly landscape of the Slovenske Gorice Hills not far away from Maribor, stop for a while and sit on the pleasant terrace of the Denk House, where family tradition and the boldness of the younger generation intertwine, and together offer an excellent gastronomic experience. And if you forget about the time while enjoying the food, drinks and the comfort of the terrace, you can also spend the night at the guest house.

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Photo: Rok Deželak

Gallery of tastes on a lawn

A special gallery can be found near Žalec, not far from the Baroque Novo Celje Mansion with its vast park. A gallery of tastes. This is the name of the restaurant where you can experience a daring gastronomic journey between traditional and modern cuisine, the local and the global. You can explore diverse flavours in the spacious grassy garden in the shade of tall trees.

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Photo: Suzan Gabrijan (old terrace)

From garden to terrace in the Soča Valley

Hiša Franko near Kobarid is famous particularly for gastronomic masterpieces of the world-renowned chef Ana Roš. The pleasant Posočje homestead is secluded from the city’s hustle and bustle and enables a homely experience of supreme cuisine on the outdoor terrace too. You will be enchanted by its green surroundings in the daytime and the romantic atmosphere by the glow of lights in the evening.

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Let’s meet in the centre of Ljubljana

Conjure up the best summer possible in the capital. Sit on the elegant terrace and enjoy every mouthful in the gentle summer breeze while enjoying the view of Ljubljana Castle. Indulge in flavours intertwining local and cosmopolitan cuisines with a glass of house or other supreme wines.

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Lunch or dinner on the grass

Have you ever enjoyed a splendid meal on the grass? Only a few steps away from Lake Bled, you can find a unique restaurant of the Garden Village Resort, where grass grows directly on your table. Selected dishes, made from the produce grown in the resort’s garden and neighbouring farms, will be presented on the plates served on the grass. Enjoy your food on the terrace next to which a natural swimming pool glistens in the sun or in the gleam of lights.

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A meal with a view of the Goriška Brda Hills

The image of the Brda Hills will imprint deeply in your memory. Pretty little clustered villages overlook plantations of grapevines, fruit trees and olives. You will find the same views on the terrace of the restaurant of the San Martin Hotel, where you can also experience the pride of the Brda people of their wine and cuisine and their innovative use of local produce.

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Taste Slovenia

Taste Slovenia

Original cuisine is delightful to taste and enjoyable to experience. Choose your experience from the 84 pages of the 2021 European Region of Gastronomy brochure, where Slovenia is presented not only a superb food destination, but also as a land of excellent wines and honey. Besides the authentic flavours of four Slovenian regions, you will get to know the best chefs, top-rated restaurants and inns, culinary events, delicious souvenirs and much more.  

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