GREEN&SAFE – time for more trust between us!

GREEN&SAFE - Commitment to responsible, green and safe tourism in Slovenia

The spread of the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus has changed the context in which tourism operates. Guest expectations have changed. However, the world is still beautiful and worth exploring in a way that reinforces the confidence of tourists: individual, boutique, sustainable, excellent!

We established standards during the epidemic that help us even now, when measures to prevent the spread of SARS-CoV-2 are no longer in place. By upholding the recommendations and encouraging self-protective behaviour by individuals, we maintain the trust of our guests.  

From May 2020 to December 2022, more than 1,200 providers and destinations across Slovenia have already chosen to highlight their responsible behaviour and adherence to responsible travel standards by earning the GREEN&SAFE label.

The GREEN&SAFE label and communication platform combine established high hygiene standards and recommendations with the sustainable orientation of Slovenian tourism. The label proves that you can rely on a responsible, safe and green Slovenia!


The fact that the Slovenian health and hygiene standards incorporated in the GREEN&SAFE Responsible Travel Standards communication platform are compliant with standardised global hygiene protocols for safe travel is also confirmed by the Safe Travels Stamp from the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). In June 2020, Slovenia was among the first recipients of this stamp in the world!



Let’s continue on the set path of responsibility and sustainability in a bid to boost the trust of our guests. Become a part of this path yourself.

We invite tourist destinations and tourist service providers to register their use of the GREEN&SAFE communication tools and label for safe, sustainable and responsible conduct. Once you register, you will be sent by mail the Responsible Travel Standards sticker that associates the GREEN&SAFE label with the global Safe Travels WTTC Stamp. Furthermore, you will be granted access to the GREEN&SAFE communication tools, label and recommendations for use.

Register for the use of the GREEN&SAFE label and communication tools 

The manual "Responsible Travel Standards in Slovenian Tourism"



When planning for and meeting new challenges, the use of the content, solutions and tools provided in the Responsible, Safe and Sustainable Business Guide for Providers and Destinations can be helpful. It includes:

  • communication recommendations, which, under the headline promise that Slovenia is a green and safe country, highlight 10 key contents that are also suitable for use in your communications;
  • hygienic standards, measures and recommendations of the National Institute of Public Health for tourism industry.


Browse the guide Responsible travel standards

We have high standards. Let's say that!

By acquiring the Responsible Travel Standards label and the GREEN&SAFE communication tools and label, you inform your guests that Slovenia is a green and safe country. This is an emphasis that you add to your existing methods of communication. Use it when you emphasise content related to a high level of safety and sustainability in our tourism programmes.


  • Put the GREEN&SAFE Responsible Travel Standards label on your web pages and other digital tools, and establish a connection to
  • Place the Responsible Travel Standards sticker, which includes the GREEN&SAFE and Safe Travels labels, in a visible spot in your accommodation facilities, tourist information centres, cultural institutions, restaurants, spa resorts, wellness centres, tourist agencies, means of passenger transportation, etc.
  • Equip your sites with recommendations for the appropriate self-protective behaviour of individuals.
  • Upon their arrival, provide your guests with the most important instructions regarding self-protective hygiene and other recommendations to ensure their safety. Equip the ready-made version of the leaflet in Slovenian, English, German and Italian with your own logos.
  • Use content on safety and sustainability in communication on social networks and add the hashtags #IfeelsLOVEnia and #mojaslovenija for communication in Slovene and #myway for communication in foreign languages.


 Register for the use of the GREEN&SAFE label and communication tools

Sustainable business opportunities in tourism

Now is the time to find the right opportunity for suitable development, the strengthening of current and the introduction of new sustainable practices, and for a proud presentation of our tourist products and services within the set forms of the operation of green, active and healthy Slovenia. The tourism of the future is based on responsibility and safety, healthy lifestyles and sustainable development. These principles and practices are also embedded in the strategy for developing tourism in Slovenia. They are connected with new business models, digitalization and efficiency, which may be a prompt response to the changed needs and desires of guests.


  • a green scheme of Slovenian tourism
  • green supply chains
  • sustainable tourist experiences
  • reduce the use of plastics
  • the acquisition of new knowledge
  • ensuring safety, and
  • coordinated marketing activities and networking.

Hygiene recommendations for the implementation of tourist and hospitality activities

Two years after the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus emerged in Slovenia, mandatory government measures to prevent its transmission and spread in the tourism and hospitality industry were lifted in April 2022. However, as the SARS-CoV-2 virus is still with us, we maintain high hygiene standards in tourism and encourage responsible self-protective behavior by both employees and guests.

Compliance with WTTC recommendations

The WTTC has created the global Safe Travels Stamp. The label enables guests to recognise organisations and companies around the world that have adopted global standardised health and hygiene protocols that enable safe travel.  

The WTTC has authorised the Slovenian Tourist Board (STO) to issue the Safe Travels Stamp for use by organisations and tourist service providers in Slovenia that have implemented the measures compliant with the standardised hygiene and health protocols of the WTTC.

As the GREEN&SAFE health and hygiene standards are compliant with the WTTC recommendations, a provider also obtains the Safe Travel Stamp when obtaining the GREEN&SAFE label.

Get to know the WTTC protocols

Five green and safe reasons for a holiday in Slovenia

It is important to present our concern for safety, high hygiene standards and commitment to sustainability, united under the Green&Safe label, in a friendly and clear way to domestic and international guests. Our presentations link safety concerns with the sustainable development of Slovenian tourism. 

Check out an example of how the Green&Safe label is presented to guests

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