Challenges in the beauty of abandoned mine tunnels

In the midst of underground work sites where the rumbling of machines could once be heard, you can enter a maze of subterranean tunnels and lakes, which you can explore accompanied by a guide.


This is a mine that you won’t easily forget

You will row 700 metres below the earth's surface and explore gigantic excavation areas, tunnels, and spacious underground chambers. Your guide will be a former miner who will take you in the footsteps of his former workplace.

This is an intimate experience of a mine which preserved all of its original infrastructure after it closed in 1994. Become a part of the 350-year history of a mine in which thousands of kilometres of tunnels were dug and an impressive 19 million tonnes of ore were excavated.

Perhaps you didn’t know?


You can also cover the five-kilometre underground cycling path winding its way through the abandoned mining tunnels under Mt Peca by bike, accompanied by a guide and illuminated by head lamps.

The underground world of the mine is a part of the Karawanken UNESCO Global Geopark, which covers 14 municipalities in Slovenia and Austria.


Deep below the surface, you can touch wonderful minerals, which can only be rarely found elsewhere in the world – orange wulfenite, white calcite, silver galenite, and the brownish sphalerite.

Lead mined in the Koroška region was used to make the bullets used by Napoleon’s soldiers as well as German soldiers in North Africa and outside of Stalingrad in Russia.

Course of the experience:

  • You will meet your guide at the Glančnik Information Centre. The guide will provide you with a helmet and a light.
  • You will then board an original mining train. The ride to the underground world under Mt Peca takes place through a 3.5-kilometre-long tunnel that leads you to the Union Slope Tunnel.
  • You will descend down the steps 91 metres in depth. You will change into protective equipment before getting in the water. You will row on an underground river, ultimately reaching small lakes located 700 metres below the earth’s surface. You will be able to explore an underground maze of flooded tunnels and excavation sites. The guide will introduce you to the geological history of the area, explain how the mine was created, and tell you about the rare minerals that can be found there.
  • You will row through a narrow tunnel and cross white waters.
  • Then, you will go back up the stairs to the changing room, where you can change and then return through abandoned major excavation sites to the Moring work site; there, you will be able to enjoy a Koroška miners’ snack.
  • Finally, leave the mine by train. Optionally, tour the museum collections in Glančnik.


Timetable: From Tuesday to Sunday, from 20 February to 20 December.

Duration: 4 do 5 h.

Start: Info Centre, Glančnik 8, SI 2392 Mežica.

Price: EUR 42 or EUR 47 (during the season from 1 June to 30 September) per person, which includes:

  • a local guide,
  • transport by cave train,
  • a miners’ snack,
  • rental of a kayak and speleological equipment: rubber boots, protective clothing, a life jacket, a helmet with a headlamp,
  • a surprise souvenir. 


Find out more about the experience

Experience the breathtaking underground world below Mt Peca

Embark on an incredible kayaking journey on lakes in an underground mine.



Podzemlje Pece d.o.o.
Glančnik 8
SI-2392 Mežica
tel.+386 (2) 870 01 80

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