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We often hear that beauty comes from within. But good looks also boost our confidence and well-being. Why not treat yourself to a unique beauty pampering at Slovenian spas? Staff at selected spa & beauty centres will make sure that you happily look at yourself in the mirror and shine wherever you go. We have selected a few ways for you to look beautiful and healthy.

Path to beauty at the Rogaška Medical Centre

Professionals at the Rogaška Medical Centre will help you find the right way to an attractive and youthful appearance. Various approaches will help you have beautiful and glowing skin and a well-toned and nourished body. In addition to professional knowledge, state-of-the-art devices and verified cosmetics, the Donat Mg mineral water rich in magnesium will also make you feel better and consequently look more beautiful.

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Beauty pampering at the Terme Olimia Spa

Enjoy being under the magic hands of masseurs and beauticians at the Terme Olimia beauty centre. Your skin will be nurtured with wraps, masks and oils with natural ingredients, which will nourish and regenerate your skin. You will shine in a completely new, youthful light.

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Beautiful and healthy at the Terme Dobrna Spa

Get ready for your body to be regenerated at the Terme Dobrna Spa. Indulge in massages and rituals, body and facial treatments, improve your health with Ayurveda and take care of your vitality with body-shaping and face-rejuvenating programmes.

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Holistic beauty treatment at the Terme Portorož Spa

Find a way to inner and outer beauty at the Terme Portorož Spa while enjoying the sound of the sea. Staff at the beauty centre will make sure you feel well in your skin with a combination of various types of body and facial treatments and state-of-the-art technology. Add to that holistic approach programmes to make you feel better and the feeling of the therapeutic sea climate and you will fly off to a new day.

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Reborn at the Terme Maribor Spa

Visit the beauty centre at the Terme Maribor Spa and take time for your body with top cosmetic products of a recognised brand. Enjoy various body, hand and feet, facial and cleavage treatments. Treat yourself to massages and feel the power of the energy of sound.

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spa_beauty_thermana laško

Rejuvenating Ayurvedic treatments at Terme Thermana Laško  

Discover your elixir of youth at Terme Thermana Laško, where Ayurveda experts will help you to achieve an invigorated and youthful look. In combination with a healthy diet and some soul-searching, try different ways of pampering, from baths to massages, and explore new directions in your life.  

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Go get health and beauty at other spas

You can find beauty programmes in virtually all Slovenian spas. At the Terme Paradiso Spa, there is a wide range of paths to health and beauty you can take, including a combination of two types of lifting or a herbal peeling. Perhaps try a special rejuvenation method at the Terme Ptuj Spa. You can take various paths to a healthy and attractive appearance at the Terme Čatež Spa. Enter the world of pampering for your body and soul at the Terme Zreče Spa, where herbs from Pohorje will help you to look beautiful. The Romans knew how to look beautiful and you can discover part of how to take care of your body at the Rimske Terme Spa.

The invigorating energy of Slovenian spas

Take care of your health and fill yourself with fresh energy Visit Slovenian spas and start your journey to health and well-being with various wellness programmes.

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