The relaxing power of bees and honey

Health and beauty go hand in hand when we speak of apitherapy and honey wellness. Free yourself from the shackles of the everyday, surrender to the allure of the buzzing of the bees, fill your lungs with the soothing air of the beehives and give yourself a beautiful and youthful look with honey wraps, massages and baths. Discover the world of unique honey wellness experiences.

Celebrate World Bee Day in your own way.

Following a Slovenian initiative, 20 May is now celebrated as World Bee Day. Slovenia’s beekeeping traditions have deep roots. Slovenian beekeepers have shared their wealth of knowledge of beekeeping all over the world, and today we are creating unique experiences with innovative approaches. Join us in the celebration of World Bee Day, learn about the beekeeping tradition and enjoy various experiences related to bees and honey.


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Look at the world from a bee’s perspective

In the green Savinja Valley, you can be just like a bee and stay in honeycombs. You’ll be charmed by this special type of accommodation in Beeland in Mozirje, where the apartments are arranged like honeycombs, with interiors that offer all the comfort you need. Just like what you would expect from a place called Beeland, your every step will be enriched by honey and other bee products. Even when enjoying a massage. Have a honey massage alone or as a couple, regain your youthful appearance with honey masks, and get energised with honey-infused energy drinks.

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Unplug among the beehives

Relax your mind and pamper your body in a beehive. Listen to the pleasant buzzing of the bees, inhale the soothing smell of beehive air and give yourself up to the soft touch of the massage therapist’s hands as they pamper you with honey.

Enjoy a honey massage and the buzzing of the bees

Honey massages have several beneficial effects on the body. The place to get the most genuine honey massage is right where the honey is made – in a beehive.

Honey pampering in spas

You will be assisted on your path to health and wellness with honey treatments at various Slovenian spas.

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Look after your own well-being and let yourself be reborn with some pampering in one of Slovenia's spas or health resorts.  Choose and book your holiday today!

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Our expert-guide programmes are a popular choice for those who want to eliminate stress and stay vital. All wellness services are based on the healing...

Antistress & Healthy Living (5 overnight stays)

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VitaDetox detoxification programme accelerates the removal of harmful substances from the body and improves energy balance. It is based on nutrition detoxification...

VitaDetox – detoxification with fasting (7 overnight stays)

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Stay at the Elegans Hotel Brdo and pamper yourself at the new Elegans Wellness Centre. We have prepared an offer for you, including services and treatments...

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A wonderful break in unspoilt nature.

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The lovely Laguna with its Mediterranean atmosphere is only a few hundred metres from the coast, it has a pool and is surrounded by distinctive Mediterranean...

A getaway in Laguna, Strunjan

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A great break for all those who need to get stronger and revitalised after a busy, stressful period. The programme received an award from the European...

ImmunoRebalance (7 overnight stays)

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Treat yourself to a dream-like getaway in Strunjan – in a private villa with a pool! Seaview Pool Villa will enchant you with its stunning view, private...

Seaview Pool Villa

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Falling in love has never been easier. The perfect romantic package, ideal for those planning an engagement, for honeymooners, anniversary celebrations...

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Discover Slovenia’s history of honey

Beekeeping has an exceptionally rich tradition in Slovenia. You will find beehives around nearly every corner of the country. Even in the cities. Choose your experience of this tradition – visit beekeepers and museums, try honey cuisine or pamper yourself with bee products.

The beekeeping traditions and honey experiences of Slovenia

Learn about the rich tradition of beekeeping in Slovenia and enjoy beekeeping experiences for all your senses.

The beekeeping traditions and honey experiences of Slovenia


A Rendezvous with the Api Experience

Experience a beekeeping tradition and indulge in honey-based culinary treats.

A Rendezvous with the Api Experience


Honey for sweet moments and well-being

Drop by for some honey and see for yourself how positively it affects your well-being.

Honey for sweet moments and well-being


Celebrate World Bee Day with us

Why is 20 May World Bee Day, who is Anton Janša, and what is the role of beekeeping in Slovenia?

Celebrate World Bee Day with us


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