The perfect choice

Don’t be just a visitor become an explorer of Slovenia’s most unique stories. Select a boutique five-star experience which cannot be enjoyed anywhere else than among the special features of our green country and through authentic encounters with people. Strict rules for granting the Slovenia Unique Experience label are a guarantee that you will experience Slovenia’s originality in an unforgettable way and with the use of all of your senses. Choose a local, authentic, unique, and boutique experience – in your own way!

Why choose Slovenia Unique Experiences?

Slovenia Unique Experience is a label for the most unique 5-star tourist experiences. Every holder of the Slovenia Unique Experiences labelawarded by the Slovenian Tourist Board, ensures that its offer is local, authentic, unique, experiential, boutique, sustainably green, of premium quality.

Guests can rely on experiencing a story in a very personal way, at its original scene, in touch with locals, in a way that has not been copied from elsewhere and is in line with the sustainable principles in tourism.

Select a tailor-made experience

The most boutique experiences in Slovenia are luxury for your memories and your senses but are also accessible. You can choose from among experiences that last for a few hours or a few days. Their proven premium quality, which would deserve five stars, is worth every moment of your travelling time and every euro.

Stories from Slovenia

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