Fish & Fly Trio

Place: Novo mesto Season: Spring, Summer, Autumn Active time: More than one day, 3 days Number of people: 2 - 5
*Guaranteed to take place if at least 2 people register.
Guided tour Language: Slovenian, English, German Type of experience: Outdoor, Nature Contact:
Turistična agencija Green Adventure
Ulica Slavka Gruma 47
8000 Novo mesto
+386 69 907 937
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Fish & Fly Trio

A unique three-day experience for lovers of fly fishing, pristine nature and clean rivers that includes local cuisine and an unforgettable adventure – a helicopter ride above the most picturesque parts of Slovenia, above the mighty Alps all the way to the Soča Valley.

Sejalec Slovenia unique experience

Fly fishing you will talk about for a long time to come

Go for a top three-day fly fishing adventure in three pristine Slovenian rivers with experienced local fishing guides. To make the experience even more unforgettable, you will taste homemade treats from the best local providers during breaks by the river every day. A helicopter will take you from one fishing destination to another and you can enjoy the view of one of the greenest countries in the world. And no worries – even if you are not an experienced fisherman, you will get everything you need.

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Catch your little piece of happiness

The exclusive three-day experience Fish & Fly Trio is more than just fly fishing. It is fly fishing with added value, during which you can enjoy the luxury of the best local treats while taking breaks and catch a helicopter ride from one location to another. Experience the magic of three of the most beautiful and biodiverse Slovenian rivers accompanied by experienced fishing guides and cast your hook into their crystal clear depths. You have a triple challenge to complete at three different fishing destinations: to catch three indigenous fish species in three days: the grayling in the Kolpa River, the brown trout in the Krka River and the marble trout in the Soča River. All equipment, accommodation, culinary experiences and luxurious rides are taken care of. Anyone who successfully meets the challenge receives a special prize and is included in the Fish & Fly Trio wall of fame.

Course of the experience

Day 1 – the Krka River (brown trout – Salmo trutta fario)

  • Reception at the initial location selected beforehand (airport, hotel, etc.)
  • Transport to the first accommodation, introductory conversation with the fishing guide
  • Fly fishing in the company of a fishing guide (Krka)
  • Lunch made from local organic ingredients served beside the river
  • The second part of fly fishing until dusk
  • Transport to the accommodation, a rich dinner and rest

Day 2 – the Kolpa River (grayling – Thymalus thymalus)

  • Departure to the second fly fishing location after breakfast (Kolpa)
  • Lunch by the river
  • More fly fishing at several locations of the Kolpa River
  • Departure to the accommodation, dinner and rest

Day 3 – the Soča River Valley (marble trout – Salmo marmoratus)

  • After breakfast a helicopter ride to the Soča River Valley, admiring Slovenia and the Alpine world from above
  • Landing by the Idrijca River, only a few metres from the last accommodation
  • Reception by a fishing guide who will take you fly fishing to catch the marble trout
  • Return to the hotel, the last Fish & Fly Trio dinner

Day 4 – the Soča River Valley

  • Departure to the initial location after breakfast


Schedule: April to November

Duration: 3 days

Start: By prior arrangement

Location: Kolpa River, Krka River, Soča River Valley

Price: 2 persons – EUR 4,400/person, 3 persons – EUR 3,500/person, 4 persons – EUR 3,100/person, 5 persons – EUR 2,700/person

The experience includes:

  • 3 x accommodation incl. breakfast
  • 3 x dinner
  • 3 x lunch by the river
  • 3 x professional guidance
  • 3 x daily catch & release permit
  • Transport
  • Helicopter transfer
  • Fishing equipment
  • Keepsake

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Cast a hook into the most beautiful rivers

Experience unique three-day fly fishing in three Slovenian rivers. Fly over Slovenia and taste Slovenian culinary treats.

Turistična agencija Green Adventure
Ulica Slavka Gruma 47
8000 Novo mesto
+386 69 907 937


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Did you know?

The largest marble trout was 121 cm long and weighed 25 kg.

Slovenian freshwater is home to 93 fish species. The greatest special feature of the Adriatic Sea basin is the marble trout. Among other species, the Danube River basin is home to the brown trout, the grayling and the huchen – the king of Slovenian waters.

Slovenia has around 28,000 km of watercourses divided into the rivers of the Adriatic Sea and Danube River basins.

The history of fly fishing in Slovenia dates back to the beginning of the 20th century. Certain Slovenian ‘tiers’ of artificial flies are highly esteemed worldwide.

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