The best in Slovenia chosen by Gault & Millau

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Or every man to his taste. The selection of one of the world's gastronomic giants Gault & Millau is undoubtedly worth following. Its critics stopped by in Slovenia and selected the best Slovenian restaurants. Would you like to know which ones? Check out who the best individuals are and which gastronomic hubs are the most popular in Slovenia, too.


Excellence in all parts of Slovenia

Chefs who learned from great master chefs and who have extensive and unique experience create their own culinary masterpieces in numerous restaurants and inns (gostilnas) in all regions of Slovenia. When discovering the best chefs, look out for the certificates of excellence acquired with the help of ratings published by TripAdvisor users and the recommendations of critics and connoisseurs.

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Ljubljana: Strelec

This restaurant located at the Ljubljana Castle attracts visitors with its round shape and tables placed next to windows commanding fine views, as well as with the excellent cuisine of the chef Igor Jagodic, who uses local seasonal ingredients.

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Maribor: Mak

The world-class cuisine in the city at the foot of the Pohorje Hills will impress you with its element of surprise and the creativity of the chef David Vračko, who gained his experience from renowned kitchens around the world. At this restaurant without a menu, guests give themselves up to the inspiration of the chef himself. Culinary workshops are also offered.

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Central Slovenia: Pavus – Tabor Castle, Laško

At the castle dominating the health resort town of Laško, Marko Pavčnik creates dishes full of flavour, colours, and textures. He uses local ingredients, especially those that grow in the wild. The chef also organises culinary workshops in the kitchen of this castle restaurant.

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Pannonian Slovenia: Rajh, Murska Sobota

At this renowned traditional Prekmurje inn, Tanja Pintarič carries on the tradition of authentic Prekmurje dishes, but she also creatively transforms them with lighter flavours and makes them visually more appealing. The ingredients are not only locally produced, but they also reflect the stories of this landscape.

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Osteria Debeluh, Brežice

Would you like to know how to give dishes from grill the seal of world-class cuisine? In the heart of Brežice, the chef  Jure Tomič will undoubtedly convince you that this is possible. With his creativity he skilfully combines the traditional cuisine of the Brežice area with global trends. The dishes are simple, but the ingredients are always of the highest quality. 

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Alpine Slovenia: Vila Podvin, Radovljica

Not far from sweet Radovljica, known for its honey-making tradition, chef Uroš Štefelin upgrades old Slovenian and Gorenjska dishes with modern techniques and his own creativity, thus developing new Slovenian cuisine. The chef also owns a cooking school with various workshops.   

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Karst Slovenia: Gostilnica Ruj Restaurant, Dutovlje

In this place known for its Teran wine and prosciutto festival, chef Peter Patajac and his wife Vildana create genuine karst dishes with the very best local ingredients. He returned to his roots after years of working in world-class restaurants in Slovenia and abroad and after competing in numerous international competitions.

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Mediterranean Slovenia: Hiša Torkla, Korte

Head to the inland areas of the Adriatic coast, to the heart of the Istria Peninsula, where an old stone olive mill is home to the creative genius of chef Sebastijan Kovačič. His unique Istrian cuisine is complemented by a rich selection of wines.

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Slovenia - crossroads of gastronomic worlds

Due to its geographic position, Slovenia connects four different worlds, which is also reflected in its gastronomy. Both traditional and haute cuisine put much emphasis on high-quality, locally-produced ingredients, which provide a fullness of flavours. Diversity, creativity, and commitment to the principle ‘from the garden to the table’ have been increasingly placing Slovenia on the European gastronomic map. Its gastronomic image enjoys additional prestige due to world-class events and unique gastronomic experiences.


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