A world-class dining experience in the world of miners

Go down into the Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia in the oldest lift in Slovenia. Experience the world of miners and world-class dishes prepared by the Villa Herberstein team in Slovenia's deepest dining room.

Taste the underground with all of your senses

After wishing each other “Good luck!” like miners do, take Slovenia's oldest lift down into the deepest dining room, located an impressive 160 metres below the Earth's surface. There, you’ll be able to enjoy ‘štajgerjeva južna’, a 4-course meal prepared by multiple-award-winning chefs from Villa Herberstein.

As you enjoy some music and an entertainment programme, use all of your senses to taste the world-class culinary masterpieces as a modern version of dishes once enjoyed by miners. After a ride on an underground railway, you’ll be able to enjoy a glass of sparkling wine in the mine’s Black Changing Room.

Perhaps you didn’t know…


If all of the lignite excavated in the Velenje Mine were loaded onto railway carriages, it would allow us to build a structure that would circle the Earth twice.

The Velenje Coal Mine with its still active 55-kilometre-long tunnels is one of the rare coal mining museums in this part of Europe.

Velenje is also known as the ‘Socialist Miracle’, because the town grew and developed with the help of local volunteers and ‘udarniks’, also known as shock workers.

Due to coal excavation, lakes were created in Velenje, where a tourist and recreational centre with one of the best natural beaches in Slovenia is now located.

Course of the experience:

  • When you meet your guide in front of the Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia, you’ll receive a helmet and a headlamp for your descent into the mine tunnel. After a welcome drink and a miners’ welcome from the kitchen, you’ll head into the mine.
  • After a descent in the oldest still operating lift in Slovenia, you’ll tour the most interesting underground locations and learn about the story of mining.
  • In the deepest dining room in Slovenia, you’ll be served the ‘Štajgerjeva južna’ four-course meal prepared by the Villa Herberstein restaurant. The culinary specialities will be accompanied by world-class wines and a music programme.
  • After the final underground train ride, you’ll visit the Black Changing Room where you’ll be served a glass of world-class sparkling wine.


Timetable: a few times a year at pre-arranged times and upon prior arrangement

Duration: 3 hours

Start: Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia, Old Mine Shaft – Koroška Cesta Road, Velenje

Price: EUR 475 per person (for 2 people), EUR 250 per person (for six people), and EUR 110 per person for groups of more than 25 people; the price includes:

  • a tour of the Coal Mining Museum of Slovenia with a licensed guide,
  • helmet and warm clothing rental,
  • a welcome drink and a miners’ greeting from the kitchen,
  • a descent in the oldest still operating lift in Slovenia and a tour of the most interesting underground mining locations,
  • a 4-course ‘Štajgerjeva južna’ accompanied by wine and music,
  • a drive in an underground train,
  • a glass of sparkling wine, and
  • a surprise souvenir.


Find out more about the experience

Go underground and have a world-class dinner

Awaken all of your five senses at this unique underground coal mining museum.


Zavod za turizem Šaleške doline
Vila Bianca
Stari trg 3
SI-3320 Velenje
Tel.: +386 (3) 896 18 64
E: turizem@velenje.si

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