A place where time slows down

Take a break from the everyday rush and enjoy the idyllic rural life. Feel the warmth of an open fire and taste the authenticity of local flavours. Smell the calming scent of hay lulling you to sleep. Revel in just the right amount of modern comfort.

Feel the homeliness and authenticity of the countryside

This is a very personal story about dedication to a family farm that has been striving to offer added value of the Slovenian countryside for over 25 years. You are invited into the embrace of a homestead that, through detailed craftsmanship, testifies to the local people’s history and identity. Discover the perfected aesthetics of being with a delicate patina of the past through the eyes of the young manager. Sit by an open fire and taste the traditional dishes that can only be found in this part of Slovenia, such as tünka meat, lük, sour soup, pork belly and Prlekija layer cake prepared on a wooden peel board, which is known as one of the best Slovenian desserts and homemade delicacies made with Williams pears from the Firbas orchard. Experience a live spectacle of preparing homemade breakfast with warm freshly laid eggs, lighting a fire under a wooden cauldron, night-time bathing under the stars and comfortable sleeping in a hayloft with a view of the animals. Let yourself be enchanted by this lively farm that is a part of the European network of Houses of Tradition.

Did you know?

In the immediate vicinity of the Firbas Homestead, there is a museum about the inventor, factory owner and visionary Janez Puh, who was the first man in the world to build a bicycle with two wheels of the same size.

The oldest Slovenian medieval crypt was found in this region. It has remained virtually unchanged for over a thousand years.

The Prlekija layer cake is a festive flat cake that represents one of the pillars of Slovenian culinary identity. This ritual dish that originates in the 19th century is baked on wooden peel boards or in round ceramic moulds in a brick oven.

In the vicinity of the Firbas Homestead, you can travel 5,500 years back in time. The reconstructed settlement of Šafarsko shows what life was like and the construction style used in the Copper Age.

The itinerary of the experience:

First day

  • Reception by the young manager Bojan in the parlour of the homestead called štübel, including a snack, tasting of their homemade Williams pear spirit and their famous pear juice.
  • Guided tour of the live farm, herb garden and field with an emphasis on local self-sufficiency and the Williams pear orchard as distinctive features of the homestead.
  • Tour of grandpa Firbas's cartwrighting workshop turned into a house museum, telling family stories through unique, small hand-built details of the homestead.
  • Tour of the glamping site with its own pool and hand-made tubs for outdoor barrel bathing. Preparation for lighting a fire underneath a wooden tub for evening outdoor bathing.
  • Three-course dinner prepared with local delicacies from the farm, house garden, orchard and barn. The mandatory seasonal soup, traditional main course and famous Prlekija layer cake for dessert.
  • Relaxing night-time bathing in an outdoor wooden barrel with a fire lit underneath.
  • Sleeping in a luxurious hay and straw bed with insect protection. The hay apartment is located in a wooden hayloft above the barn and has a private bathroom and balcony.


Second day

  • Morning feeding of the farm animals and collecting fresh eggs.
  • Sumptuous Firbas breakfast with delicacies from the farm, prepared in an innovative way, live in front of guests.
  • Sports activities available at the homestead:
    • o ride in a wooden waggon pulled by the legendary old-style Stayer tractor from 1955;
    • o two-hour e-bike rental to explore the surroundings.
  • Unwinding on a terrace, in the Williams pear orchard or by the pool.
  • Option to buy products, produce and souvenirs in the house shop – štübel.

Opening hours: from April to October

Duration: 2 days/1 night

Starting point:  Firbas Homestead, Cogetinci 60, 2236 Cogetinci

Price: €290.00 for 2 people; €660.00 for 6 people

The price includes:

  • reception and welcome in the štübel parlour
  • guided tour of the homestead
  • making an open fire and a barrel bath
  • three-course home-cooked dinner
  • sleeping in a hayloft above the stables
  • feeding the farm animals in the morning
  • Firbas breakfast prepared in front of the guests
  • sports activities at the homestead
  • two-hour e-bike rental
  • surprise souvenir


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Unwind in the idyllic countryside

Enjoy the homeliness of a traditional farm where life slows down. Let yourself be enchanted by the authentic tastes of the Prlekija countryside and scent of hay lulling you into sweet dreams. 




Domačija Firbas
Cogetinci 60
2236 Cerkvenjak
Mob: +386 (0)31 855814 Bojan
Mob.: +386 (0)41 746 174 Alojz in Marjana
E: info@firbas.com

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