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We often take saunas when we want to free our bodies of harmful substances and to relax. Slovenia provides countless opportunities to visit saunas. The most unusual are steam rooms, also known as Turkish baths, Finnish, and infra-red saunas, which you can find almost at every step. Also learn about some other interesting types of saunas in Slovenia. Combine the beneficial power of saunas with delicious ingredients, which feel good if you taste them or if you feel them on your body. There has been a rise in the popularity of various types of saunas which include various natural elements and substances, such as salt, herbs, therapeutic mud, crystals, and even colours. You can discover in a modern way some secrets to well-being which were already known to our ancestors.

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Honey sauna

Honey has many positive effects on health and wellness. In addition to honey massages, you can also enjoy honey treatments in honey saunas. Among other places, you can also find them at Terme Topolšica Spa, Thermana Laško Spa  Terme Banovci Spa, Terme Maribor Spa, and there are also special honey programmes at saunas at Terme Olimia Spa.

Chocolate sauna

Perhaps your mouth begins to water when you hear the word ‘chocolate’, but you can also enjoy it in a healthier way. Take a chocolate sauna at Atlantis Water City, Terme Paradiso Spa, and Terme Olimia Spa.

Wine sauna

Wine wellness treatments at saunas? Why not? Wellness treatments using grapes were known as early as in Ancient Egypt. And in Slovenia, you can enjoy a wine sauna in front of the Arena Hotel at Terme Maribor Spa. A wine barrel is also used for a sauna at the Wine Village of the Terme Ptuj Spa.

Salt sauna

Salt has a beneficial effect on the respiratory system and skin, so you can find many salt saunas in Slovenia. Among them, the saunas in Strunjan and Terme Portorož Spa are noteworthy due to their use of the unique Piran salt and brine from the Sečovlje Salt Pans.

Herbal sauna

Herbal saunas can be found in almost all of the major wellness centres. Steam rooms or Finnish saunas are often complemented with various herbs, sometimes grown locally. So, for example, you can enjoy the aroma of Pohorje herbs at the Sauna Village at Terme Zreče Spa. At Terme Snovik Spa, there is a garden with medicinal herbs which are also used in saunas.

Mud sauna

A therapeutic mud body treatment and sauna. A great combination for a nice, healthy appearance and well-being. Mud saunas can be experienced at Terme Topolšica Spa, Terme Ptuj Spa, and Terme Paradiso Spa, among other places.

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Sanarium or biosauna

A sanarium or biosauna is a pleasant combination of a Finnish sauna and a steam room, which makes you feel like you are in a tropical rainforest. Moderate humidity and temperature ensure that you have a pleasant sauna experience. You can experience this at Terme Olimia Spa and Rogaška Wellness Centre , among other places.

Crystal sauna

If you do not have any serious medical problems, a visit to a crystal sauna can be an interesting experience. It works by using the effects of negative ions. Among other places, you can also find them at Terme Čatež Spa, Terme Lendava Spa, and Terme Dobrna Spa.

Chromotherapies in saunas

Did you know that light and colours also have a strong effect on your road to health and wellness? Chromotherapy, i.e. colour therapy, is also used to great effect in some saunas. For example, experience the Volcanic Sauna at Terme Banovci Spa, and you can also experience a chromo sauna at Terme Dobrna Spa, Rimske Terme Spa, and Terme Paradiso Spa .

Indian sauna

Native Americans were closely connected to nature and knew how to live in harmony with it. They used this knowledge in their saunas, which provided a place for a sort of cleansing ritual. Today, you can also find these saunas in Slovenia – at Terme Čatež Spa, Terme Radenci Spa, and Rogaška Medical Centre.

Roman sauna

Unlike other saunas, the caldarium, i.e. Roman sauna, is intended for socialising, conversations, and preparing to continue with the sauna experience. The temperature is considerably lower than in other saunas. You can experience a Roman sauna in many spas. The most exciting experiences are to be found in wellness centres created on the basis of Roman spas, e.g. at Terme Ptuj Spa and at Rimske Terme Spa. You can also experience a Roman sauna at Šmarješke Toplice Spa.

Japanese sweat bath

At Dolenjske Toplice Spa, you can experience wellness treatments that use a traditional Japanese method. A Japanese sweat bath will calm you and help you on your journey to inner balance.

Make sure you also experience icy refreshment

Cooling off is a part of the sauna experience, of course, and is most frequently enjoyed in cold-water pools. At some spas, you can be refreshed by ice-cold fountains, with ice-cold body wraps, or in some other special way.

Photo: Sava Hotels & Resorts

Three frozen hearts

At Terme Radenci Spa, the spa's greatest asset – unique mineral water – has also been used to great effect in saunas. By using frozen water, your pores are opened before you enter the sauna and your skin is vivified to ensure better body cleansing.

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Ice cave

Can you imagine cooling off and refreshing your body, which has been heated up in a sauna, in an ice cave? You can enjoy the first such experience in Slovenia at Terme Portorož Spa, and ice caves can also be found at Terme Dobrna Spa, Terme Topolšica Spa, and Terme Ptuj Spa.

Ice sauna

Make your visit to hot saunas even better by also visiting...an ice sauna. Here, temperatures drop below freezing, but your feet still won’t be cold. You can use ice to rub your body, thus ensuring better circulation, and as you leave the sauna, you can warm up with warm water, which is not the case in other saunas.

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