Visiting Slovenia to find a different kind of relaxation

Our well-being is necessary for our good health. Why shouldn’t we have a memorable experience of something new while in search of it? In Slovenia you will find interesting ways of pampering with raw materials and products you might not guess could be used in such ways.

The secrets of the thousand years old glacier water

Don’t get chills down your spine if you are offered a pampering in glacier water. At the Špik Hotel in Gozd Martuljek, they discovered the benefits of such water. It has been has been deep underground in the glacier lakes for over a thousand years. Because of its purity we refer to it as the water of all waters. It is rich in minerals and has a neutral pH, thus it beneficially effects our body.

Surrender yourself to a massage with glacier water or simply swim in the heated glacier water. It will moisten, refresh and soothe your skin. It is ideal for various types of hydrotherapy: rehabilitation after various injuries and hospital conditions, water workouts and similar treatments.

Honey luxury for well-being

The tradition of apiculture is firmly anchored in Slovenian culture. In the past they relied on the healing power of bees and their products. Nowadays, you will find honey and other bee product programmes in various parts of Slovenia and these will help you achieve better health and well-being. Beeswax therapy helps to treat rheumatic and other ailments. Among other benefits it stimulates blood circulation. Be careful though, it is only appropriate for persons who are not allergic to bee stings! Inhale the aromatic air from the apiary in special api chambers and you will sense its beneficial influence upon your mental well-being.

In your endeavours to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance, you will find assistance with special programmes involving bee products, such as royal jelly, pollen and propolis. Feel good in your body and pamper yourself with honey treatments for detoxification, improvement of blood circulation, immune system boosting and calming effects.

Learn about other interesting ways to relax in Slovenia

Would you like to try other exciting treatments to make you feel good? Maybe you will be won over by the beer pampering in Thermana Laško, where you can feel the positive effects of beer ingredients yourself. A wine sauna at the Arena Hotel in Maribor and in Terme Ptuj spa is a special experience; one in which you can relax in specially adapted wine barrels. Feel the healing power of the herbs from Pannonian meadows at the Thermalium wellness in the Terme 3000 spa in Moravske Toplice.

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