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Slovenia is a land where bees and humans have been living happily together for many years. The rich beekeeping tradition is the platform for innovative experiences that see this bond become more modern. Would you like to uncover the secrets of a life of a bee and the power of their products? Visit beekeepers and taste original bee products. Learn about the typical beehive architecture and travel through history in beekeeping museums. Create a meal or a souvenir from bee products. Feel the serene energy of a beehive and indulge in beneficial apitherapy and honey pampering. Here are a few tips for your visit.

Travelling through beekeeping history in Radovljica

Enter the baroque manor in the old centre of Radovljica and visit the Beekeeping Museum. Take a closer look at the rich beekeeping tradition in Slovenia, the life of the indigenous Carniolan honey bee and the Slovenian folk art phenomenon of illustrated beehive panels. Children will simply love participating in the many workshops and observing the busy bees in their beehives. Not far from the museum there is also the famous Lectar Workshop and Museum.

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A honey of a tale in Laško

Enjoy a relaxing and cleansing massage, breathe in the beneficial beehive air or simply have a nice rest while listening to the bees buzz in Laško. Take home a lect souvenir and try Ema’s gingerbread. Make your way to Thermana Laško and spoil yourself some more with honey wellness and, for those with a sweet tooth, enjoy the delicious honey pie.

Beekeeping and pottery in Novo mesto

Make your honey experience complete with a honey picnic and enjoy homemade honey delicacies such as mead and gingerbread. You can also pop into the pottery workshop to see how the award-winning honey earthenware in the form of a bear or a bee is made.

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The power of honey products and herbs in Slovenske Gorice

Walk along the beekeeping learning path through the ecological garden with approximately 250 medicinal plants, many of which are honey plants. Drop in at the fairy tale earth dwelling and feel the symbiosis of human and nature surrounded by herbs and bee products. Then visit the quaint museum and be transported back into the past to see our beekeeping ancestors at work.

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Beekeeping creativity at Bled

Not far from the iconic Lake Bled you can indulge in honey delicacies and other beneficial bee products. Relax and breathe in the beehive air, then channel your creativity into painting beehive panels or making beeswax candles.

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Stay at a beehive on the River Mura

How about spending your holiday in a beehive? Unique beehive accommodation has been arranged not far from Beltinci. What is particularly special about this accommodation is that a beneficial aerosol pervades the entire space.

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A trip to the cradle of Slovenian beekeeping and culture

Set off on a one-of-a-kind journey through the villages under Mount Stol in the Karavanke mountains and explore their history and beekeeping tradition topped off with a fine culinary experience. Meet Anton Janša, the first beekeeping teacher at the Viennese court, who laid the foundations for modern beekeeping. One of the stops on this journey is also his memorial, the Janša beehive.

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The open-air museum in Veržej

A unique old beehive from the end of the 19th century is located on the dreamy flatland around the Mura. Visitors come to see the beehive’s octagonal shape and learn about the beekeeping history of the area. A museum visit is not compete unless you take a walk in the blooming garden.

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Api experience with a hint of the Mediterranean

Karst honey, along with Slovenian honey and Kočevje forest honey, has received a protected geographical indication. A good place to try it is Pliskovica, a larger village in the centre of the Karst plateau. If you are in the mood for apitherapy, make your way to Brda and relax by breathing in the beehive air.

A honey tea party worthy of counts in Polhov Gradec

The tasting of honey delicacies in Polhov Gradec isn’t complete without meeting the former residents of the Polhov Gradec mansion, Count Blagaj and his wife Anotonija. Join them at their tea party with honey snacks that won’t disappoint. Visit the Days of Honey in May as well.

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Follow the bees

Follow the bees

Get to know the land of bees, beekeepers and honey love. Certified beekeeping providers, tourist farms, places of original ethnological heritage and green nature await you in Slovenia. Draw your own Slovenian beekeeping trail!

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