Experience the luxury of silence and primeval nature

You will replace your hotel stay with an experience of a tourist farm, away from the urban hustle and bustle, where you will be able to enjoy tasty, locally-produced food. Accompanied by a wildlife guide, you will visit some of the most beautiful natural areas in southern Slovenia, follow the footsteps of the brown bear, and take time to truly sense nature and be in touch with yourselves.

A discovery holiday for nature lovers

You will go to remote forests and mysterious wetlands accompanied by a wildlife guide, a biologist, who will take you to the most biodiverse areas in southern Slovenia. In just a few days, you will learn about the phenomena of the Dinaric karst, the habitats of which have been marked by the constant appearing and disappearing of water. Together, we will explore butterflies, observe wild orchids and other colourful flowers, and follow butterflies. In the evening, you will go to a hunting lookout from which you can often spot a bear. As guests at tourist farms, you’ll be able to get a sense of the work there and enjoy the full flavours of locally-produced food.


Perhaps you didn’t know…


The area of Classical Karst is a place with incredibly preserved nature, which was recommended for inscription in the UNESCO World Heritage List in November 2018. 

More than 250 species of birds have been observed by Lake Cerknica, the largest intermittent lake in Europe. This is the only nesting area of the red-necked grebe and the common redshank in Slovenia.

The organiser of the trip, the Symbiosis Institute, is a non-profit organisation, which invests income from tourism into natural protection projects.

In the past twenty years, the number of birds in the valley of the wild and forgotten River Dragonja has increased by 60%, which is a global phenomenon.

Course of the experience:


Day 1: Through the forests of the Dinaric world to Lake Cerknica

  • Transport from the airport (Ljubljana, Trieste – or from the point of arrival) and transfer to Postojna.
  • A ride on forest roads and a one-hour hike to the top of the Sveta Trojica Hill.
  • Observation of various animal species.
  • Packed lunch consisting of local produce.
  • A ride on forest roads across the Javorniki Plateau to Lake Cerknica. Learning about wet meadows for butterflies and plants and about overgrown areas for birds.
  • Dinner and overnight at the Logar Tourist Farm in Žerovnica.


Day 2: The Bloke Plateau and bear watching

  • Departure to the Menišija Plateau. A visit to the most beautiful dry meadows with an abundance of butterflies and colourful flowers. A ride through the valley of the Cerkniščica Stream to the Bloke Plateau.
  • A tour of the Bloščica Stream basin and wet meadows with flora typical of low marshes. A delicious packed snack with local produce.
  • A late lunch at the Logar Tourist Farm.
  • Evening bear watching accompanied by a local hunter.
  • Due to a late return, light dinner and overnight at the Logar Tourist Farm.


Day 3: The scent of the Mediterranean

  • Departure towards Primorska.
  • First stop: the Karst Edge. A walk through dry karst meadows.
  • Departure to Krkavče. Lunch with local produce at the Histria Botanica Tourist Farm.
  • Exploring the Dragonja Valley. Observing the biodiversity of animal and plant species as well as the flysch geological bedrock. If weather permits, swimming in the River Dragonja.
  • Dinner and overnight at the Logar Tourist Farm.


Day 4: Conclusion of unforgettable adventures in nature

  • Departure – transport to a nearby airport (Trieste, Ljubljana).


Timetable: The experience is available upon prior arrangement from April to September.

Duration: 4 days/3 nights.

Start: To be agreed.

Price: EUR 795  per person, which includes:

  • guidance by a wildlife expert,
  • bear watching,
  • 3 nights’ accommodation (surcharge for a single room),
  • transport during the trip,
  • food: 3x breakfast, 3x lunch, 3x dinner,
  • animal watching equipment (telescope, binoculars, butterfly nets, hand torch, and manuals for determining species),
  • accident insurance.


Find out more about the experience

Become a true explorer of nature

Explore the most biodiverse areas in southern Slovenia together with a bird and amphibian expert.


Zavod Symbiosis, so. p.
Metulje 9
1385 Nova vas
Tel.: +386 31 502 566 (Jana Kus Veenvliet) 
E: info@natureincolour.eu

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